Off Limits

The damnable payment of taxes--long considered a dirty word in the rarefied air of the WPRA boardroom--will undoubtedly cause anguish among the ranks. But given Hines's successful development record and Winter Park's primo location on the Union Pacific rail line served by billionaire Phil Anschutz's Ski Train, the next sound you hear may be that of a cash register exploding. Either that or the price of a lift ticket breaking the sound barrier.

Media botch: Okay, so maybe Colorado journalists aren't as enterprising as the Cincinnati Enquirer scribe recently busted for eavesdropping on the private voicemail messages of Chiquita banana executives while working on a story peeling back the company's oh-so-slippery business practices. They're not as clever as the Boston Globe columnist who admitted making up quotes and inventing characters. Or as bold as the New Republic writer who admitted fabricating articles so completely that they qualified as fiction. But give the locals points for trying.

Apparently not possessed of the old-fashioned, boot-strapping enterprise that might have prompted somebody wearing a green eyeshade to actually pick up a phone and check out last week's dubious press release claiming that Denver Post editor-in-chief Dennis Britton was resigning to "raise bees in Vernal, Utah"--a reverse sting that was the work of an anonymous prankster--the Colorado Springs Gazette went ahead and printed the story in its "Business in Brief" column last Wednesday. Obviously, the Gazette, which later felt compelled to print a correction and send Britton a batch of honey as its own way of eating, er, crow, could have learned a lesson or two about accuracy from Britton himself. Last week the Big Buzzer, alarmed by L'Affaire Chiquita and the many other media boners springing up around the country, circulated a "Standards of Integrity" memo in the newsroom warning his boys and girls that although "one of the hallmarks at The Post has always been...its embrace of traditional journalistic values and standards," they had better be extra careful, because if they let down their guard for a moment, these sorts of embarrassing journalistic miscues might actually happen here! And no doubt the Buzzer's words rang true. It was just last year, after all, that the Post sports section printed the unforgettable--and untrue--scoop that quarterback/civic icon John Elway had gone out and gotten himself a nipple ring.

Sometimes the truth really does hurt.

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