The Mom Squad

For this group of online sleuths, death makes a holiday

The Anti-Rams and Fence Sitters revel in these little details and complain that the Pro-Rams won't even consider them. Too often, Wheeler says, it seems that the Pro-Rams just try to start conflict without making a well-reasoned point about the case itself.

Although the Pro-Rams won't be attending Boulder's wingding, several key media figures have been invited to a dinner. One prominent figure, former chief deputy Denver district attorney and current Channel 7 legal-expert-for-hire Craig Silverman, decided to invite himself, Knapp says. She's happy to have him. "It was like, 'Wow! He's already on my list.'"

Who's not on her list? University of Colorado professor Michael Tracy, who made a documentary on the Ramseys that Channel 9 aired earlier this summer and that is slated to run on A&E sometime this fall. Originally, Knapp thought it would be a good idea to ask him, just to stir things up a bit. But the idea was roundly rejected by the online pals she surveyed. "Some felt that he would be a spy for the Ramseys," she says, then adds, "Others think he's not very intelligent. He seems to be very ignorant of a lot of things. I don't know if that's by choice."

The dinner, initially planned for Pasta Jay's, was moved to an undisclosed location for two reasons: First, the number of attendees quickly grew larger than expected. And then some cyber-sleuths had second thoughts about holding their gathering at a restaurant owned by rabid Ramsey supporter Jay Elowsky, who once went after two people he thought were members of the media. "Some people are frightened to be too visual," says Stewart. "I mean, that Pasta Jay guy took after somebody with a baseball bat." Now attendees will be issued passwords to gain access to the dinner.

In addition to meeting over dinner, the armchair detectives can take a sight-seeing tour of Boulder, working off a list of suggested sights compiled by Knapp (see page 20). Of course, there's the former Ramsey home, where JonBenet's body was found. (Knapp is quick to point out that this will not be an organized bus tour and says her group will be respectful of neighbors.) They also plan to visit the Boulder County Jail (current home of minor player J.T. Colfax, arrested last year after he stuffed a burning envelope through the mail slot of the Ramsey home; he also lifted the morgue log sheet listing JonBenet's body), McGuckin Hardware (possible source of the rope used in the garrotte), Boulder County Courthouse, the Boulder Police Department, High Plains Elementary and Access Graphics. A trip to Rollinsville, the hometown of Bill "Santa" McReynolds, is also on the itinerary for those interested in attending.

Perhaps the oddest stop on the tour is the Columbia Cemetery gravesite of Tom Horn, executed in Cheyenne in 1903 for murdering a fourteen-year-old boy. This past July, authorities found a note attached to Horn's grave addressed to Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter, threatening to damage the grave if the Ramseys were not arrested. The group also wants to pose at the Web cam in front of University Bikes and wave a hello to all the other online buddies who couldn't make the trip.

The cyber-sleuths are also planning their very own whodunit murder mystery game--but one that doesn't involve the facts of the Ramsey case. That would be too tacky. And as a surprise, Knapp plans to have goodie bags waiting for all the attendees. She doesn't want to reveal too much about their contents, but they are certain to contain FBI pens, funny disguises and other stuff any good detective needs.

Each bag will also hold a T-shirt with a message for JonBenet Ramsey's killer, printed in lettering that mimics the ransom note: "Listen Carefully! The Internet Is Watching!

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