Speaking From Experience

The politician who doesn't lie, who doesn't criticize the very vice in which he indulges, who doesn't screw the taxpayers by screwing in the workplace, generally has little to fear. As evidenced by the warm welcome Romer's denials received eight years ago, mainstream reporters are usually thrilled when they can return to kissing, rather than kicking, a governor's derriere.

In his August 24 Washington Post interview, Romer said Clinton would have to address the issue of Lewinsky again. And, of course, Clinton did, in that lachrymose story poured out to religious leaders gathered at a White House prayer breakfast last Friday, during which the president managed to squeeze out a tear or two as he requested our prayers during his arduous "journey." Clinton had plenty to pray about: Starr's report was coming out that afternoon, a veritable road map of stupid Clinton moves.

At one point, the report reveals, Lewinsky was giving the president a blow job (although the wording is a bit more circumspect) while Clinton conferred with Dick Morris, the toe-sucking political consultant who's possibly the only Clinton confidant less qualified to talk about morality than Romer.

But talk Morris did, and talk Romer does. And talk, and talk. As head of the DNC and chief apologist for Clinton, that's his job--and he's not about to surrender the position. On the topic of extramarital relationships--"honorable" or otherwise--Romer's not one to talk, but he continues to, conveniently ignoring his own sixteen-year credibility gap.

Just for the record.

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