Off Limits

Yes, the festival could have gone in those lame old directions. But Webb's long-awaited recognition of Grier proves that it's never too late to recognize genius. No word yet on whether city work crews will carry through with plans to festoon the 16th Street Mall with giant publicity photos from Grier's 1973 landmark Coffy, another avenging-nurse tale chock-full of naked chicks and jive junkies getting slapped upside the head.

Unfriendly skies: KOA traffic cop Al Verley can always be counted on to call 'em like he sees 'em from his seat on the station chopper. But the Flying Hun really outdid himself last week. When a new tollbooth opened on E-470, leading to massive backups from motorists who didn't have exact change, Verley spoke for commuters everywhere--or at least those stuck on the highway--when he cranked open his mike, gunned his engine and fumed, "I'd like to take a Stinger missile and blow the hell out of that building."

Get that man some ammo.

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