The producers of NU Rock TV, a syndicated program that's due to begin airing in Denver and several other major U.S. cities either late this year or early the next, is looking for models, actors, extras and rock bands to appear in a pair of episodes to be shot in our fair city. A roundup of interested auditioners takes place during an open-to-the-public event on Thursday, October 22, at the Skyline Cafe. Those still looking for their fifteen minutes of fame are advised to phone 303-596-5595 in order to get their names on the proper lists for the show. Why? NU Rock TV spokesman Anthony Jackson warns that anyone who fails to call in advance will have to fork over a cover charge at the door in order to get in.

It pays to be famous, doesn't it? On Thursday, October 22, Swirl whirls into Eck's Saloon, and singer-songwriter Deb Bartley performs at Cricket on the Hill (she also strums at Common Grounds on October 23 and Boulder's Penny Lane on October 24 and 25). On Friday, October 23, Yo, Flaco! plays its last show with vocalist Venus Cruz at Herman's Hideaway, with the Boogienauts. On Saturday, October 24, the Alan Kelly Band brings a touch of Ireland to the Mercury Cafe. And on Sunday, October 25, CU-Boulder's Glenn Miller Ballroom is the place to experience Techno Cosmic Mass, touted as "a revolutionary new form of worship"; Babe the Blue Ox plods to the Fox Theatre, with the Reejers and Dieselhed; and Rainbow Sugar, featuring the indomitable Cindy Wonderful, sweetens Rebis Gallery. Brush immediately afterward.

--Michael Roberts

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