Going Downhill Faster

Living through disasters with Gina Go Faster.

The members of Gina Go Faster should know: Their latest seven-inch, Faster Motor Co., Ltd., is a powerful package that's even received praise from Maximum Rock N' Roll, that most curmudgeonly of 'zines. The platter is a step up production-wise from the band's previous efforts ("Nice Boy"/"Unglued," a split seven-inch with Sissy Fuzz, and 1997's Stereophonic Action Plan), but it doesn't sacrifice the group's trademark low-down sound. Tracks such as "Kung Fu" and "It's the Same" sport viciously buzz-sawing guitars, while the other cuts offer straight-forward garage fuzz replete with mid-Sixties choruses that are obliterated by punky snarl. As for the lyrics, they draw upon what Freeman calls the performers' favorite themes--"girls, Adam Sandler-type movie material, and the injustice of it all." Taken as a whole, Faster Motor Co. suggests a slew of hyperactive kids banging on the walls of a locked room. And that's meant in a good way.

Songwriting duties are shared by Freeman and Abell, who meticulously tape their jam sessions when they're assembling new material. In doing so, Freeman is able to draw upon the training he received while studying sound engineering at the College of Santa Fe; in fact, the vintage analog equipment he prefers is identical to the gear he used in his classes there. However, Freeman hopes that future Gina Go Faster recordings will be cut in a more up-to-date studio. "I think we've gone as far as we can go with an eight-track," he says.

Financing such a project is another matter. Faster Motor Co. was issued jointly by Abell's label, King Bee Records, and Shaky Records, the Seattle firm that's been associated with another of Denver's finest bands, the Hate Fuck Trio. But even though Freeman has no complaints about Shaky, he says "we need somebody who has money and isn't afraid to take chances--somebody who takes it as seriously as we do."

Parasol, the firm that distributed the band's first two offerings, won't be given the opportunity to put out any more Gina Go Faster discs: Although the recordings did well in Japan, Parasol hasn't paid the musicians a dime thus far. Such experiences have sold Freeman on the do-it-yourself approach. "You don't have to be on MTV," he says. "The MTV age is gone. They have stuff like The Real World, Road Rules and all that other bullshit to captivate their audience. Music isn't good enough for them anymore--which is why the underground is going to the Internet."

In the meantime, Gina Go Faster will keep trying to expand its audience in Denver. After all, Freeman says, "you only have so many friends to irritate."

Zeke, Hate Fuck Trio and Gina Go Faster. 9 p.m. Saturday, October 31, 15th Street Tavern, 623 15th Street, $6, 303-572-0822.

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