Off Limits

She'd just better hope that Curtis doesn't lock her out of her own office, as he did to Republican Party loyalists.

If Curtis was this season's loser, Jon Caldara surely emerged as its biggest winner. Despite polls showing Referendum B winning handily, the tax-surplus measure went down in flames, torpedoed by Caldara's wing-and-a-prayer anti-B campaign. Caldara, who declined to run again for the RTD board, on Monday started a new, better-paying gig: president of the Independence Institute, that troublemaking Golden-based think tank previously headed by Tom Tancredo, now the congressman-elect from the 6th District, and John Andrews, who lost big to Roy Romer when he ran for governor back in 1990.

In addition to his new day job, Caldara will continue to moonlight--yep, on talk radio. He's got a regular Saturday-night slot on KOA-AM/85 and fills in whenever there are gaps in the schedule.

And there's a gaping hole these days, now that Keith Weinman has resigned from his job at KOA radio in the wake of his arrest last week for allegedly assaulting his wife. (Weinman also lost his job at Channel 4, where he'd been doing on-air morning business reports). The arrest followed several weeks of hush-hush discussions after Weinman's reported suicide attempt at his Longmont home on October 9.

This wasn't Weinman's first brush with the law. Last year, after he was charged with stalking his wife, he wound up taking a plea. At the time, though, both of his media employers gave him a pass that let him continue business as usual rather than deal with a clear problem.

The Denver Rocky Mountain News (soon to be renamed the "Denver Pavilions Rocky Mountain News," judging from the coverage given the second coming of retail to downtown) won the election-night battle of the presses, with a November 4 paper announcing that "Owens wins at wire" while the Post was still headlining a "neck-and-neck" race. But the News's efforts would have been more laudatory had the paper updated its Web site, which that Wednesday afternoon was still reporting an attorney-general race as "too close to call.

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