Piss and Vinegar

Predictably, Andres Serrano: A Survey has brought in the crowds, and members of the burgeoning local photography scene have been prominent among exhibition-goers. Judish says Denver photographers "have come in droves, and all have been astounded by Serrano's technical ability." It's clear that Serrano is a master of his craft.

Though Judish is not surprised by the show's generally positive reception, he was taken aback a couple of weeks ago when he interrupted a well-dressed middle-aged man who was in the process of vandalizing the gallery's window with a key. It looks like Serrano's art is still capable of generating a strong response.

Andres Serrano: A Survey, through December 12 at Ron Judish Fine Arts, 1617 Wazee Street, 303-571-5557.

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