Music by the Pound

The Pound Boys' DJ Dealer is keeping the beat in Denver and beyond.

The Pound Boys have made recordings of their own, too. They recently released "Stand Up" on Look at You and "Jazz, Jazz, Jazz" on Bassline Records--and Diehl personally oversaw "Temptation," just put out by New Jersey's popular Subliminal Records imprint. Credited to Risque and featuring a vocal by East Coast singer Lark, the sultry, brooding track has charted both here and overseas and has earned positive reviews in a couple of England's most widely read music publications.

As for the future, it looks bright: The Pound Boys have opened for artists such as Little Louis Vega and David Harness in New York and San Francisco, respectively, and both Diehl and Craig C are viewed as rising stars. Their success behind the boards has a lot to do with that, Diehl says. "To get exposure, you have to put records out. It's the nature of the business right now. There are some lousy DJs out there right now, but because they've had some hit records, they play all over the world. And there are a lot of talented DJs who no one has ever heard of because they're not producing."

DJ Dealer is determined not to be stuck in either of these categories. He's good at what he does, and he wants everyone to know it. And if he makes some money in the process, at least it would be in the name of a worthy cause.

DJ Dealer, with Craig C and Kostas. Midnight Fridays and Saturdays, Club Amsterdam, 2901 Walnut Street, 303-405-4458.

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