Off Limits

Don't look for Gonzo on Court TV anytime soon.

Bite me, again: No word yet on whether former KOA business editor and former Channel 4 business reporter Keith Weinman will use the tooth-decay defense at his scheduled court appearance December 3. Weinman has been charged with assaulting his wife--a third offense, it now appears--and rumor has it the DA is going to press for prison time, during which Weinman presumably won't be enjoying any Innomax mattress. But at least he won't be sharing a cell with alleged performance artist J.T. Colfax, whose antics include snapping photographs of corpses in party hats and stealing the morgue-sheet page that logged in JonBenet Ramsey's body. Colfax has been moved to the Douglas County Jail, allegedly because of overcrowding in Boulder. It certainly wasn't to make room for Bill Johnson, the Rocky Mountain News columnist. Johnson got his own two days in Boulder County Court two weeks ago--and was found not guilty of third-degree assault, charges that had been filed following an altercation with his ex-wife.

And the tooth shall set you free.

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