Mouthing Off

Meanwhile, the crowds continue to flock to the eateries at the Denver Pavilions, and even with 1,700 new restaurant seats in the downtown mall, there are still lines to get in. If you can't stand the hour (or longer) wait for a table at Wolfgang Puck, at least you have an option: His soups--nine kinds--are now available at local supermarkets, so you can simply grab a can on your way home, heat it up, pretend you're spooning it up in L.A. and save yourself several hours and lots of dough. And speaking of dough, the Pavilions now delivers the baked goods via the Corner Bakery, the lower-priced sibling of Maggiano's Little Italy. Maggiano's boasts big servings and the most opulent bathrooms this side of the Oxford Hotel. It also promises to take you back to Forties-style dining, and it apparently takes that mission seriously: The boxes for leftovers (the portions are so large, you're bound to have some) include instructions for reheating in the oven--not the microwave.


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