But, to the point of this letter, I think you are great! Open and to the point. I'm sure you have a large league of adoring fans, which you certainly deserve. Now you have one more.

Name withheld on request

Greetings again from the vast right-wing conspiracy! This is in regard to the views of Dan Savage and others of his ilk who remain in denial about their hero, Bill Clinton.

Confidential to Dan Savage: Henry Hyde, Ken Starr and others have been forced into the unenviable position of prosecuting a most uncommon criminal. The impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton has been a long time coming. Congress, in going against the polls and actually doing the right thing (for once), gives me hope for this country. Perjury and obstruction of justice are merely the tip of the iceberg. Dan, your boy Bill is, as Thomas Sowell wrote, "a thoroughly corrupt man."

Every day that Bill Clinton remains president hurts this country and is an affront to every decent person who reads this.

Pat Desrosiers

Lose Change
By now, I'm sure the city has tarred and feathered Bill Gallo for his assessment of the Broncos ("Season's Greeting," January 7). If the team doesn't win the Super Bowl--and they won't--will the voters take Pat Bowlen's stadium away from him?

George Paulson
via the Internet

Now, let me think: There has been no mention of disliking the new Broncos uniforms in over a year. Since I moved here six years ago, the number of Bronco-fan wannabes has increased tenfold, and to show what a great sport city this is, we boo our teams when they have a bad day/season. I noticed that the Broncos clinched their division, but their "fans" did not notice or care.

Maybe you were all too busy expressing your greed in wanting another Super Bowl win. The same greed Mr. Bowlen expressed in his not-so-veiled threats to move the team unless you paid for a new stadium. There are winners and losers, fools and foolers: Denver sport fans, which are you? Remember, ignorance is learned--not born.

Gary Glasser
via the Internet

Shame Is the Name of the Game
Bravo to you for including the ex-gay movement's recent ad campaign in your December 31 Hall of Shame.

Recently, the American Psychiatric Association expressed similar sentiments and finally took a stand on the ex-gay movement. The APA board of trustees unanimously voted last month that "reparative" or "conversion" therapy--the idea that a gay man or woman can be "cured" and become straight--is dangerously misguided. That means that it is now considered unethical to practice that kind of therapy and that if a psychiatrist does, he can have his license taken away and can be sued by his patients for unethical behavior. The APA says that the potential risks of this therapy are great, including depression, anxiety and self-destructive behavior, since therapist alignment with societal prejudices against homosexuality may reinforce self-hatred already experienced by the patient.

So the next time the religious extremists want to place full-page ads in newspapers, claiming they can "cure" gays, I trust the newspapers will politely turn them down.

Scott Miller
St. Louis, MO

Not a Laughing Matter
I was surfing the Net for news stories that are ongoing, and I could not believe that Westword actually has a JonBenet trivia contest. Do you have no morals, or do you think this young, helpless child's death is some sort of a joke?

I am sure you have some good content on this site, but whoever thought up a trivia contest with regard to this little girl's very sad death is one sick puppy! I plan to let some people know about this, and you can count on some negative feedback. You should be ashamed!

Duane Derreck
via the Internet

Editor's note: Oh, we are. And if others want to share in our shame, the contest runs through January 19 at www.westword.com.

He Was Floored
I was extremely impressed by Alan Prendergast's December 10 "The Killing Floor" and would like to thank Westword once again for getting to the bottom of this important issue. One important fact people need to know about Colorado's supermax prison is that any Department of Corrections client can be sent there for any reason or for no reason at all. Many inmates are labeled gang members and end up in CSP for something as simple as wearing the wrong braids in their hair or because certain drawings or words were found in their possession. I have been threatened with being sent to CSP for writing rap music that was first labeled gang-related and then confiscated and labeled a security threat. From my firsthand observation of DOC, I have noticed very few real dangerous criminals, and the majority seem to be here for petty crimes. Basically, the road from DOC to CSP gets shorter every day.

David Noland
Bent County Correctional Facility

Vocal Local
In Michael Paglia's December 17 "Focus Group," he criticizes the new Museum of Contemporary Art/Denver for not showing the work of Colorado photographers. Perhaps Mr. Paglia should get out and around more. Perhaps he should use the telephone, too. In any case, had he wanted to be accurate, he would have noted our all-Colorado photographers show last spring or found out that MOCA/D is firmly committed to devoting 50 percent of its space and time to regional work.

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