Brawl in the Family
In the January 28 issue, Stuart Steers's "Home Improvement" included negative comments about patient care at Marriott's Brighton Gardens. I think the article was biased and unfair and that it did not reflect the opinions of the majority of the families with loved ones residing in Brighton Gardens. My father has had excellent care by the nurses and physical therapists in the skilled nursing department. My father is 93, has Alzhheimer's and is confined to a wheelchair or bed due to a hip fracture that did not heal after surgery. When he was admitted to Brighton Gardens, they documented a stage-2 bedsore that the previous nursing home had not advised me about. The nurses and physical therapy department at Brighton Gardens treated the bedsore and healed it in a few weeks.

I had taken my father out of the other nursing home because I was not pleased with the care, food and activities. I am very happy with the care my father now receives at Brighton Gardens, for he has excellent food, a beautiful and clean room, and activities that help improve the quality of his life.

Stuart Steers should have included all of the families at Brighton Gardens and not just the small minority. From the time Brighton Gardens opened, there has been a small group of families that have complained and caused stress for the staff and other families. Brighton Gardens is just one year old and passed its first evaluation by Medicare and the state health department. Family advocate groups can be effective if they are positive and not overly critical of the staff. I will never belong to this advocate group at Brighton Gardens, because I witnessed firsthand the damage it caused to the staff and the well-being of the entire skilled nursing department.

Patricia Thomas

Prose and Cons
I read Eric Dexheimer's January 28 "Honor Thy Mother" with great humor, especially Ciaran Redmond's justification for successive and poorly planned bank robberies. Mr. Redmond strikes me as a narcissistic individual with sociopathic tendencies. This "man on a mission" to avenge the murder of his mother lacked much planning, and I question his motive for the crime he plea-bargained out of. I wonder how much of these funds were going toward his documented cocaine and alcohol dependency. "Once a con always a con."

J. Patrick Murphy
via the Internet

We're Going Straight to Hell
I always find it amusing when publications such as yours, or pop music radio stations, delve into moral issues--rooting out evil-doers or taking positions about who is right or wrong. At the same time, you sell your pages and owe your very existence to merchants of nothing more than watered-down pornography, alcohol or drugs, even going so far as to use a pregnant woman--the mother of a real human being--as the sex object of a cheap adolescent joke (Michael Roberts's January 21 Feedback). Not stopping there, you have to act like you are being provocative or gutsy or something by running "Jesus of the Week," an idiotic, blasphemous comic trying to somehow make fun of Jesus Christ. What are you thinking of? Are you being run by a club of naughty little ten-year-olds? Why don't you just stick with producing something for teenage boys to masturbate to and leave the serious issues of the day to people who have a clue.

John E. Walters
via the Internet

I wouldn't consider myself a religious person, but one must wonder why, week after week, you don't include Yaweh, or Allah, or (fill in the blank) in "Jesus of the Week." Are Christians going to be the only subject to be pilloried (no pun intended) weekly? After all, aren't the goings-on in Afghanistan and in Israel just as silly as the ones in Colorado Springs? Or are you just practicing "velvet-gloved fascism" under the guise of humor? Maybe you would cringe at being accused of anti-Semitism, or perhaps the thought of a fatwa aimed at Westword might be chilling. I'm all for the First Amendment, but how about spreading the ridicule around while practicing it?

B.T. Raven
via the Internet

Taming the Savage Beast
I have read Westword off and on since it was first published years ago, and this is the first time I have ever wanted to write your newspaper.

This is regarding the editor's note responding to Alicia Edwards's letter published in the January 21 issue. Just because Dan Savage (and I have no idea who he is--I don't read "Savage Love" and rarely read Westword lately) is gay does not give him the right to call other gay people "faggots." The fact that he is insecure enough to do so is even more harmful to other gays than a homophobic person calling a gay person "faggot." Why not publish a black person's column beginning with "Dear Nigger," or an Arab's column beginning with "Dear Camel Jockey"?

You are ignorant to condone Savage's insecure behavior.
A. Jones
via the Internet

I must disagree strongly with Westword's position on the issue of "Dear Faggot." A member of a minority may reserve the option for his- or herself to use certain slang terms or names for his or her minority. This does not, however, include the right to use the term publicly and offend those who are not so liberal. The term used in the column heading is offensive to a number of people both gay and straight. That alone is enough for a sensitive, caring individual not to use it.

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