A publication such as a newsletter, magazine or newspaper is held to a much higher standard. By using the term, you are legitimizing it. Oafs who want to use the term can now do so and point to Westword as their authority. The term itself is not offensive to heterosexuals such as myself; its use in such a manner as to insult, inflame or cause harm to others is offensive to me.

I ask that Westword reconsider its position on this issue. I really feel you should avoid being placed in a position where it appears that you condone the use of such inflammatory and derogatory words as this.

G. Nathan Goodrum

Threepeat, Bepeat
I was highly amused by Kenny Be's January 28 cartoon on John Elway and seriously doubt Kenny's life is as pathetic as he depicts it. Will he return next year, like Elway, or is this his last season?

Besk of luck!
Lia Moran
via the Internet

After having to suffer through several weeks of "Bronco-Nausea," I've come to the following conclusion: Karl Marx was wrong. Religion is not the opiate of the ignorant masses--football is.

Lee Whitfield

Compared to the rest of the media's bowing before the Broncos, Kenny Be's Elway cartoon was a breath of fresh air. Congrats.

Jacey Fields
via the Internet

Kenny Be, you are the clown prince of laughter in this town. I remember many years ago, you came out with a "worst-case" dating scenario--how true, I thought (I still have it). Then you went to jail and hilarity followed, but things went to hell with unsavory remarks about John Denver. Finally you arrived, using your influence in fighting sprawl and the plight of the lynx in the February 4 Worst-Case Scenario.

Keep saving Westword's ass and Denver's, too!
Joe Schilling
via the Internet

Keep on Rolling
Somehow, Westword managed to give not one drop of ink to the Rolling Stones' recent visit. Sure, everything that can be said about the Stones has been said before, but how about some coverage of local fans or something? You disappointed me.

Julie Gatseos
via the Internet

Editor's note: Don't give up! Michael Roberts's report on the February 2 concert--the Stones took the stage exactly as Westword went to press--appears on page 70 of this issue.

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