Dealing with the Devil

The Deuce-Seven Bloods spin out of control, ripping families apart--including their own.

"We sat back and didn't think too much about it, 'cause the guys respected us. They'd take us shopping and buy us things...I liked all that money. We'd steal and rob for them, and if the girls wouldn't go along, we'd beat them up for them."

Some of these young girls were used by the gang for prostitution. "They'd call these Chinese guys who liked young girls and have them come over for sex or oral sex. We'd sell them to the Chinese guys...If the girls didn't want to, we'd beat them up."

When the gang got tired of the girls, the female Bloods were in charge of dropping them off on some street corner with a warning. Don't talk or we'll come looking for you again.

Brandy was not the first young girl raped at Uncle Joe's house, the female Blood says. "It went on at least weekly for a time a couple years ago. The guys would give him drugs and money to use the back bedroom, and he'd turn his back."

It was all "crazy and sick," she says now. But it took getting older and having children of her own to realize just how low she and the others had sunk. "It was like other people weren't real."

She mostly hung out with younger members of the CMGs, particularly the Warren brothers, though she knew the older guys in the Deuce-Seven subset. Of them, Pancho was the "most aggressive," she says.

"He's the one who would give us orders, like 'deal with that girl,' which meant beat her up."

The former Bloods member pauses. "What we did to young girls affects me really badly," she says. "I pray to Brandy and ask her to forgive me.

"I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive myself."

Inside the courtroom the next day, Randall picks up where he left off, with Brandy on her hands and knees, her rectum swollen and bleeding.

"Danny got on top of her from the back. He had sexual relations with her," Uncle Joe says. "I don't know what kind it was. I don't know where he had his penis at."

"What happened next?"
"Pancho...I don't know what was wrong with him. It was all a big, funny thing to him."

"What was Pancho doing?"
"He was laughing. He took off to the kitchen. He comes back with a broom. He tells Danny, 'Get out of the way. Move.'" Uncle Joe gestures with his hand. "Danny moves over to the right."

Randall interrupts in order to introduce a new piece of evidence: a straw kitchen broom purchased at Safeway. The real broom disappeared after that night, but Uncle Joe had told investigators where to buy one just like it. Now the prosecutor leans the broom against a table in front of the witness stand and asks Uncle Joe to continue his account.

"He came from the kitchen," Uncle Joe says. "He laughed like a little kid with a new toy in his hand. He was laughing."

"Danny moves to the side, and what happened?"
"Danny held her down from the back. Pancho puts it in her rectum. She is hurting anyway." Several of the jurors have gone white. Rose Vasquez cries quietly, her head on her husband's shoulder.

Uncle Joe looks at the new evidence with distaste. "Could you please remove this broom out of here?" he says weakly.

Randall complies, then asks, "How did he put it in?"
Uncle Joe demonstrates a two-handed shove for the jury and says, "She goes, 'Don't do that. It hurts.'"

All of Brandy's family members are crying. But they keep their seats and continue to listen. Pancho still stares straight ahead.

"I am calling him all kinds of names," Uncle Joe says.
"Describe the force he used?"
"Hard...He was laughing about it. He took the broom out. I went over and grabbed it. I grabbed it and threw it." It was the last he saw the broom.

"Did you hear anybody say anything?"
"Danny says, 'I got shit on my shoes.'...Pancho goes, 'You got shit on his shoes. That's my friend, bitch," says Uncle Joe, his voice rising. "She is still on her hands and knees, and he kicks her in the chest."

"How?" Randall asks.
"Like a football, as hard as he can." Then Danny and Pancho took her back into the bathroom.

"Did you see what was happening in the bathroom?"
"Yes, I was trying to get in there to help her." This statement brings forth sighs and groans from Brandy's family. No one believes Uncle Joe acted in the least bit heroic that night.

"What did you see?"
Breathlessly, Uncle Joe recalls the scene. "Danny was sitting on the toilet with his legs open. His penis was out. He was making her give him head. I see Pancho with the toilet plunger now...I am tryin' to get in. 'Leave her alone.' She said, 'Take me to the hospital.' I am tryin' to push the door open. Pancho is right there by the door, and he has the toilet plunger. I don't know what he is going to do with that." He never did see, he adds, because he was pushed out and the door closed.

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