Dealing with the Devil

The Deuce-Seven Bloods spin out of control, ripping families apart--including their own.

Uncle Joe describes walking out to the living room where Zig Zag and some of the others were milling around. "I said, 'What are you guys doing, man? What's up? Why don't you guys go? Leave. Get the fuck out of here.'"

"Did Zig Zag tell you anything?"
Uncle Joe imitates Sammy Quintana holding his hands a foot apart and saying, "Uncle Joe, she did a line this long."

Then Danny came out and went to the kitchen. "Danny comes back with some handcuffs that my cousin's daughter left in a big old box from her house."

"With metal handcuffs?"
"Metal," Uncle Joe agrees. "There's not a key for it...He grabs her arm. He puts one on her wrist. And I am going, 'What are you doing?' I went at him, 'Don't be doing that.' I got pushed back about four feet."

"Who pushed you back?"
"Mostly Danny pushin' me back...She was right there, still naked. Then he put the other handcuff on her with her hands behind her back."

"What did they do then?"
"Then that other guy, Monkey, says, 'My turn, my turn.' I said, 'Get the fuck out of here.'... Danny Boy takes her by the handcuffs and pulls her to the living room and throws her in the corner by the front door. She lands on her butt on the floor...I am standing right there by the TV, lookin' at all this in amazement."

Uncle Joe is quiet for a moment. Softly, he recalls her saying, "Take me to a hospital." Then he grows agitated again. "Pancho jumps up and kicks her in the back of the head with his foot. Real hard."

At last, Angela Metzger bows her head. She knows that what will follow is the test that Brandy failed by passing.

Frank Vigil asked if Brandy knew where she was. "I was hoping she didn't say 60th and Federal," Uncle Joe says. He sighs.

"What did she say?"
Another sigh, then, "60th and Federal."
"What was Little Bang's reaction to that?"
"'She knows where we're at. We are going to have to dust her.'"
"How far was he to her when he said those words?"
"Probably three feet away from her. He was close to her?"
"Did Frank say that loud enough for her to hear?"

The courtroom is quiet except for a few sniffles. The image of a girl sitting naked on the floor with her hands cuffed behind her back, trying her best to figure a way out. She gives the right answer--the wrong answer.

"I told them, 'Why don't you put some pants on her?'...Monkey went and got a pair of pants I was wearing the day before," Uncle Joe continues. "They were light blue, like these pants I am wearing now. He comes back and throws them at her and says, 'Put these on, bitch.'...I said, 'How in the hell do you expect her to put them on when you got her handcuffed, you dumbass'...So he put them on her, Monkey Boy did. She is standing up then.'"

Angela has had enough. She gets up and leaves in a rush, tears streaming down her face. Those sitting on the defense side of the gallery pretend not to notice.

"Were other articles of clothing put on her?"
"Danny comes back with his pullover winter sweatshirt with a hood on it. He puts it on her backwards. It covered up her face...She says, 'Let me go. Let me go.'"

"What happened then?"
"Little Bang, Frankie, hit her."

"With his fist, his right hand...the left part of her face. He told her, 'Shut up, bitch.'"

Then there was a new terror. "Here comes Zig Zag with a knife going at her. I say, 'No.'" For the first time this trial, Jose Martinez hits the witness stand. The judge scowls.

"I attack him," Uncle Joe says. "I take the knife from him. I am wrestling. You get strength when you are in a position like that...I took the knife and I threw it."

Zig Zag went for the wires of a Sega video game in the living room. "I like to take care of my boy," Uncle Joe says as an aside. "I'm not like other people."

Zig Zag doubled the wires and wrapped them around his hands. "I attack him again. I take that from him...The other guy goes in the kitchen, and he gets in the top drawer where I got my knives."

"Did you see what he got?"

"He stuck it in his pocket. I don't know what he got." There was no time to find out. Zig Zag was back with another set of the video-game wires. "I fight him and took that away from him. What the other guys are doing, I don't know. I am concentrating on this one fool."

After the battle with Zig Zag, the core of the Deuce-Seven gang left the room. "Danny Boy, Pancho, Zig Zag. Frankie and Baby-G."

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