Dealing with the Devil

The Deuce-Seven Bloods spin out of control, ripping families apart--including their own.

"Did he have any clothes there?"
"No clothes. He just comes and goes. He is my nephew. I love him." The last line elicits snorts of derision from the defense side of the gallery.

"Were you at home on Friday, May 30, 1997?"
Martinez says he was, with his son and granddaughter Rochelle.
"Anybody else there?"
"Later on, yes. There was Pancho, Zig Zag, Bang and Little Bang."
Randall nodded. "Who is Little Bang?"
"Frankie Vigil."
"Who is Zig Zag?"
"Sammy Quintana."
"Did anybody else show up that day?"
"Boom showed up."
"Who is Boom?"
"My nephew, Danny's brother, Antonio."
"Is he part of the same group?"

Martinez hestitates, then answers, "Yes. It seems like he is trying to get away from it, though."

Two girls showed up. One named Jamie.
"Who is Jamie?"
"Danny Boy's girlfriend."

He didn't know the other girl's name, only that she was with Pancho. In the audience, Pancho's wife doesn't react to the testimony about her husband's dalliances.

After a while, Uncle Joe says, Antonio and the girls left. About eleven, he went to bed in his son's room, where his granddaughter was also sleeping.

"Why didn't you go to bed in your bedroom?"
"Because I had done all my laundry," Uncle Joe replies. "I did about five big old bags of clothes. I had them folded on my bed, on the small single bed. They were all neat, ready to be put away the next day into the closet, into the dresser."

He was awakened by a door slamming. "I looked out the window. I see some guy running down the street...running as fast as he could, like there was a ghost behind him."

"After you saw this guy running, what did you do?"
"I told my granddaughter to go back to sleep. I laid down with her. Then I heard my TV slam against the wall, hard...I heard things being knocked over."

"What did you do?"
"Peeked out the door." He says he saw his nephew Danny standing over someone who was lying on the floor. He plays his nephew's role: "You want to be initiated? I am going to initiate you."

"Could you see who he was standing over?"
"No, sir. I thought it was a guy...I went back in my room. I seen them initiate people before. I want no part of this."

"What happened next?"
"Pancho comes over by the door. He said, 'Do you want some head, Uncle Joe?'"

"How long have you known Pancho?" Randall asks.
Martinez shrugs. "Nine, ten years." He says he laid back down on the bed for another few minutes until Pancho issued the same invitation. Do you wan some hayid, On-cull Joe?

This time Uncle Joe got up and opened the door. "I seen five guys standing there in red shirts," their backs to him, watching whatever was going on in Uncle Joe's own bedroom across the hallway beyond the bathroom.

"I didn't like all that stuff bangin' around," Martinez continued. "They were going to initiate somebody in my house."

"Did you recognize any of the five guys?"
"Little Bang?" Randall wants to get the gang nicknames in front of the jury as often as possible.

"Little Bang," Uncle Joe nods.
"Did you recognize anybody else?"
"Monkey Boy," he says, using his term for Maurice Warren.
"Why do you call him Monkey Boy?"

"Because he looked like a monkey?" As he had at the previous trial, Uncle Joe smiles at his joke. When no one else does, the grin drops off his face.

Randall asks what he saw when he went to his bedroom. "I opened the door," Uncle Joe says. "The door was closed, the light was off."

"Did you turn the light on?"
"I turned the light on." He seems reluctant to go on.
"What did you see?"
"Zig Zag was getting head."
"What does that mean?"
"She was giving him oral sex."
"Who is she?"
"I didn't know who it was then."

The girl was on her back on his bed, a mattress on top of a box spring on the ground. "And then Danny was on top of her. I don't know where he had his thing at, but he was having sex with her. Pancho was standing right around on the side...I was real mad. My clothes were thrown everywhere...There was blood on them. They threw my clothes anywhere they wanted to, like animals." Jose shakes his head over what they had done to his clothes.

"Was there blood on the bed?"
"Blood on the bed, on the sheets," he says, disgusted.
"You are looking at this girl here and you're concerned about your clothes...Are you concerned about her?"

"I thought she was doing it for free, you know," Jose Martinez says. "I thought she was on the rag."

He doesn't appear to notice the tiny cries from Brandy's family. But the jurors are starting to look uncomfortable and squirming a bit in their seats. It will get worse.

"You said you saw Pancho in that room, too. Did you see what he was doing?" Randall asks.

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