Joshua Hassel

The comments from Mike Rock, our humorous city manager, about buying Currigan Hall to move it to Lakewood were quite amusing. Yes, it is pretty laughable that Lakewood is buying up a bunch of old buildings from Denver, restoring them and trying to pass them off as "Lakewood's Heritage." It stops being funny when the taxpayers get the bill--Gil & Ethel's cost over $100,000. And what really stinks is that they are plowing up a park that is supposed to be dedicated to open space to make room for them.

I have a suggestion: Denver can move Currigan Hall right over to Mr. Rock's backyard C.O.D., and of course he's welcome to share the "engineering landmark" and the bill to restore it with all of his buddies in Lakewood, like Linda Morton (the mayor) and Linda Shaw (the previous mayor), who are busy spending taxpayers' money and using their "urban renewal" powers to create the blight of the future!

Robin Sharp

There's Something Funny ...
For the past few weeks, I have noticed the cartoon section is missing. What happened to it? I need my weekly fix of the Callahan cartoon.

Becky Staniszewski
via the Internet

Perhaps I missed a writeup about it, but what has happened to your comics section? I'm jonesing for a Lynda Barry fix and miss "Life in Hell." Will they return?

Ron Howerton
via the Internet

What's up with the comics section being missing for the past three weeks? Kenny Be is great, but I always read the back comics first thing, and now they're gone with no notice. Sometimes the comics were the only thing interesting to me in a week's issue. Are the comics gone for good? On sabbatical? What?

Mary Emmett
via the Internet

Editor's note: We've been testing out some new comics and moving others--look for them in our Night & Day listings rather than their former home at the back of the paper.

Sex and the Single Girls
Patricia Calhoun, I truly wish you hadn't used Clinton in your arguments in the March 4 "Low Blows." It only leads me to conclude that you are either a Republican-supporter or are completely ignorant. You're right that we have exposed sexual shenanigans in the workplace and have brought sexual harassment to the forefront of public discussion. However, you didn't elaborate on the heavy and unnecessary price we as a country and the future Faraghers will pay.

The Republicans knew Clinton was a philanderer and were purposely using Paula Jones to legitimately prove it. Even Paula Jones herself has acknowledged this. When confronted with this and other disturbing questions, their only defense is Bob Packwood and Clarence Thomas. Wouldn't it have been simpler and more noble to have exposed the Democrats for committing such a vile and degenerate act instead of copying them?

Michael Claxton

Teen Angles
Regarding Steve Alvarez's "The Loiter of the Law," in the March 4 issue:
I was not at all surprised to read of the experience of Thea Davis and her two friends with the loitering laws and judicial system in Arvada. My son, Ryan, who is a 3.0-grade-point Arvada Senior High student, and several of his friends had a similar experience a year ago. In Ryan's case, he was a paying customer at a local doughnut shop during his school lunch. When he left the building, he stopped to say hi to several friends who were outside, one of whom was a fellow hockey player he had not seen since the year before. He had been outside of the building for less than a minute (as testified by the students in court) when an Arvada police officer drove around the corner and issued all of the students tickets for "unlawful remaining."

Although Ryan was offered a deferred judgment by the city attorney's office, he believed strongly that he was innocent, that he should not compromise his beliefs, and that the justice system would prevail. Ryan represented himself in court, and even with the testimony of the doughnut-shop clerk that he was a paying customer, the testimony of two people that "he was outside of the building for less than one minute" and the ambiguity (if not questionable constitutionality) of the law, the judge found him guilty.

Ryan's doughnut cost him $115, but worst of all, it cost him and his friends their faith in the judicial system and reinforced their suspicions that laws are enforced differently for different types of citizens. It is unfortunate and ironic that this occurred in front of Arvada High School, where the students are being taught about the Constitution and the justice system.

Mike Smith

For Christ's Sake
I have found Westword to be a useful and informational paper for approximately the last ten years. Recently, however, with the addition of your "Jesus of the Week" feature, I have stopped reading Westword. I find this feature to be in poor taste and offensive to thousands of Christians in the metro area, if I may speak as a representative of the Christian community.

I feel that Jesus is not a comical figure to be presented to the public in jest. I do not see your paper ridiculing the faith of others, and I wonder why it is acceptable to Westword to belittle the central figure of the Christian faith. I would appreciate your reconsideration of continuing to present "Jesus of the Week" as a form of entertainment. Thank you.

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