In the final part, Theresa blames rap music for her son being a violent child molester, but she can't blame anyone but herself. A good mother doesn't let her son sell drugs out of their home. Theresa said she was glad her son didn't kill Brandy. Wake up, lady! Your son raped and sodomized her! That's even worse than killing her. At least Frank's mom could say her son didn't rape her.

As for their sick Uncle Joe, he should get the death penalty, too; he's just as sick as his nephew. To those stupid wanna-be gangster hos, I wish you would try to pick me up. I would kick all your sorry asses. Try going to my 'hood in Cali--I guarantee you won't make it. To Alejandro's sick family member who said Venus deserved to die, I would love to give you a good ass-beating.

These sick bastards aren't Mexicans; they're a disgrace to the Mexican race. I hope they all get what they deserve, especially Bang and Pancho.

My heart goes out to Venus and Brandy's families. May Brandy and Venus rest in peace. God bless.

Janessa Torres Vigil

It was very upsetting to know what happened to that girl, and my heart goes out to all the families involved. But mostly, I feel for Brandy, and I want to say to her that we're all thinking about her and her family and to let her know she won't be forgotten. I also hope in reading this that teen girls will think before getting into a car with guys they don't know. Let us all learn from this.

Tonette Alvarado
via the Internet

I have been following these articles very closely. My first comment goes out to all you sad fools and the women who stand by them. First, I know most of you will spend the rest of your miserable little lives in the pen. But to me, it doesn't seem appropriate that you get to even breathe the same air we breathe. You have taken the life of an innocent child; not only that, but you tormented her in the worst ways possible. You all obviously were not that down that you couldn't get a real woman on your own, so you had to take from children! You are no better than the Chester sitting in the next cell. And for the women who stand by them, how could you possibly so much as say their names without getting sick to your stomachs? What if it were your daughter? How could you possibly justify their actions? What don't you see? They took pleasure in all this! I hung around Bloods when I was younger, and never once did they ever disrespect like you have. Not even close. They didn't need to take from no one!

For all you interested readers: Don't worry--their time won't be all that easy. They will get what's coming to them eventually.

And one last comment dedicated to the family of Brandy DuVall, who I know never got a chance to really speak their mind: May God bless you all for having to endure a nightmare such as this.

C. Dominguez

I am writing on behalf of all the girls out there who may have ended up the way that Brandy did. I am now a senior in high school, and I remember two years ago when I started to hang out with gang members in order to feel "a part of the crowd." I live in a predominantly white neighborhood (I'm black), and I was teased by other black kids that I wasn't black enough to fit in. So a girl in my complex started to befriend me, and I found out that she was a member of the Eastside CMG Bloods in the 104 set. Thinking that this was a great way to prove I was "black" enough, I stared to hang with her crowd. By doing so, I was exposed to a lot of things no teenager should be. I started to drink, smoke weed and try to become "friends" with the gang, until I found out the hard way that it wasn't as good as it looked. In the past two years that I hung out with the gangs, someone I knew was killed as a result of gang violence. He was shot over twenty times by rival gang members in the Dahlia Square parking lot in Park Hill over a year ago. This incident was enough for me to see that being with these people was not the lifestyle for me.

Gangs are sickening and only lead you to death or jail time. My mom didn't raise a fool, but a girl who had her own opinions about life and people. Not only that, but I have seen what gangs do to people, and I've made a conscious decision not to go the way these people do. And like the girl that Antonio talked to in that class, I used to be her until I woke up before it was too late.

Desiree Ross
via the Internet

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