Most people know that trashing a stereotype or minority is not acceptable for a newspaper that wants to stay in business. Various groups and organizations would be all over you. If Christians generally had more backbone each time they're slandered, this feature would be removed. Please remove it, or you will lose another reader. I invite all Christians to write in protest of this "comic."

Dan Super

Save the Jesii!
Those who complain about your Jesus of the Week feature are surely missing the point. Peter Gilstrap isn't necessarily mocking Jesus or Christianity; he is mocking the ludicrous manner in which some of his followers depict him. Gilstrap doesn't reproduce El Greco crucifixions with catty remarks; he confines himself to sentimental, twee, tasteless illustrations that do more to discredit Christianity than his clever commments ever could. If I were a Christian, I would vent my spleen not at Westword but at those (presumably Christian) hacks who create those ridiculous portraits.

Do Moslems and Buddhists depict their figureheads in as tacky a manner? If so, let's have at them, too!

Steven Moore

I am disgusted with your magazine regarding the Jesus of the Week articles! After going back and seeing previous complaint letters, it is evident that you are not going to remove this degrading feature with a painting of Jesus every week. I am asking people to search out places that carry Westword and to please ask that the establishment remove the papers. This would get Westword's attention! It has been obvious that they have no morals.

Come on, Westword: Say you're sorry! I can't hear you!
Frank Elwess
via the Internet

I myself am glad to see that someone will step up and point out religion's debacles. For too many years, man has had gods--deities such as Jesus-messiah-Jehovah--and for thousands of years, man has killed other men and made laws to prevent freedom. It is high time religion be put in its place. Keep up the work. I will surely recommend your paper to all who understand that religion is one of man's biggest debacles.

David Williams
via the Internet

The Gang's Still Here
I read Steve Jackson's "Dealing with the Devil" series, in the February 25 through March 18 issues, with great interest. I say this because I am a correctional officer at a juvenile detention center in Denver. I am currently working with the female population, and this story struck a chord with me. Day in and day out, I hear these young girls talk about and glorify the gangster lifestyle. Somehow they have the misconception that it's okay to party all night and sleep with perfect strangers, especially gang members. In my opinion, they are clueless as to what could and may happen to them. As always, they think they are invincible. I have read excerpts from these articles to open their eyes to the danger they are placing themselves in.

This story was a true tragedy for all involved. My only hope is that by making as many people as possible aware of this story, we can somehow prevent it from happening again. I pray that no mother has to ever endure the pain and sorrow that Brandy DuVall's mother did.

Rose Rivas
via the Internet

I am fearful lately. On the streets, in my house, in my car. Steve Jackson's articles have haunted me since I began reading them in late February. Making love, I think about Brandy DuVall's rape. In my house, I worry about men climbing through my windows. My view of Denver shifted. My fear of men surfaced. The evil perpetrated by the Deuce-Seven gang affects more than Brandy DuVall or Venus Montoya or the families involved. Theirs really are crimes against all women and all men who strive to live peacefully and safely on this earth.

I have always been a supporter of the death penalty; when members of a society choose to inflict such cruelty and brutality on a fellow human being, they cede their rights to live and breathe in that society (even in a prison community). While the repercussions of this crime will be felt indefinitely, there would be some relief in knowing that the men paid the highest possible price for their crimes. I want them to die on my tax dollars, not live on them. Finally, like others, I will ask that my name be withheld. I do this not out of cowardice or shame about my views, but out of sheer terror that any men associated with the gang would know my name.

Name withheld on request

It's sad that Brandy DuVall had to die the way she did. Seeking the death penalty is no way of seeking revenge. I think it's just as evil as dealing with the devil himself. Who are we, "the people," to judge what should happen to these guys? Their judgment day will come as they face the Lord Himself. Each and every one of them will pay for their part in the brutal rape and murder of Brandy (in the eyes of the Lord).

I'm ending this letter by saying God bless each and every one of them who was involved in the brutal rape and murder of Brandy DuVall. May God bless her, and may she rest in peace. Also, may God bless everyone's family that was involved in this case.

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