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The reason I'm writing is that I feel like more young girls should read this story and be aware of the consequences that come about when getting into a car with strangers or, for that matter, going to parties where gangbangers reside.

I feel for Brandy's family, and my prayers go out to them, but what a lot of people do not think about is the fact that there are a lot of young girls just like Brandy who hang out on the Federal strip and don't know what they are about to get themselves into, just because they want to have fun or get attention. That doesn't mean that they deserve to die or go through a night of hell. I know this because my girlfriends and I used to hang out and cruise this strip on weekends. We used to get ourselves into some predicaments, and I thank God that nothing bad ever happened to us. Now that I've read about the torment and hell that poor little girl went through that night, I can't even drive down the street without looking at certain people with disgust. This world has become such a sick place.

Name withheld on request

Nice work by Steve Jackson--an incredible amount of effort on his part. The way he weaves a story is pretty impressive.

I was born and raised in west Denver--it was a rough place in 1952-'65. I remember we were burgled three times in one year, 1965, the year Mom moved us to central Denver (ha!--where we were burgled by the brother of a "friend"). At any rate, Jackson's story makes those days sound like a walk in the park--another reason to add to the growing list that I truly am glad I was born in '52 instead of '72.

Jim Amos
via the Internet

I have been completely upset for days, after reading these articles, thinking of the horrible things this poor child Brandy DuVall had to endure. Her mother, Angela Metzger, has to be one of the strongest people to be able to live through hearing over and over the despicable deeds done to her daughter, as well as having to deal with the pain of her loss. It is so ultimately sad to hear that all the people involved have such disrespect for life and no heart to stop these horrific acts from happening.

I thank you for touching my heart with this series, even if it was hard to read. However, I was extremely offended at the placement of advertisements on opposite pages of this story. Here is a story about, among other things, the blatant disrespect for a woman's body sexually, and then I see your advertisers' sexist, exploitative pictures of women's bodies next to the story! Shame on you! Being the alternative newspaper, you could be a part of the solution in changing people's outdated sexist views. Is money more important than heart? At least the ads could have been placed far from this story. I hope you can and will be more conscious of this in the future.

I do hope that those heartless boys and Uncle Joe get to feel some excruciating pain in their lifetimes and that they remember Brandy's suffering when they do.

Name withheld on request

I can tell you from personal experience that the scum who murdered Brandy are safely locked away. They will never harm another little girl ever again. They are locked in their jail cells eighteen hours a day, rarely breathe fresh air and are hating life right now. They do not strut around like they own the town anymore. In fact, they spend most of their waking hours either worrying about the death penalty or about what other inmates might do to them the day they arrive at prison. They sleep on mattresses that are two inches thick and sit on steel stools. They eat, sleep and use the toilet in their cells.

I know it won't bring Brandy back, but it's nice to know how miserable they have made their own lives.

Name withheld on request

This is regarding Salvino Martinez's letter in the March 18 issue. I would like to say this to all the readers of Westword and to Steve Jackson: Everyone who thinks Salvino is a snitch is out of their asses--and that includes the Martinez brothers. There's no proof that he ratted on anybody. I know him personally, and if anything happens to him, those fools better watch their backs, 'cause they're gonna be headed to the wrong territory now.

Salvino does deserve his say in this matter concerning him. Salvino isn't no snitch, and he will sue you for using his picture in your paper and writing false statements about him being a rat. And if anything happens to him, it's gonna be on your conscience, isn't it?

Print this in your piece of shit paper.
D. Blake (Sal's stepmom)
via the Internet

Editor's note: Rightly or wrongly, Salvino Martinez has been identified by prosecutors, defense attorneys and witnesses in four first-degree-murder trials as an informant. Martinez contends he is not. He has written a rap song about Steve Jackson's "Dealing with the Devil" series; check it out at www.westword.com, where all four articles are also available.

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