A Dog-Gone Shame
The day after reading Kyle Wagner's piece on the North Woods Inn ("Deal a Meal," February 25), I made still another trek in search of the elusive Rockybilt, the greatest burger of all time. I have fond memories of stopping at the Rockybilt on Evans at University, or at the one down on South Broadway, or the one over on Speer just before Federal Boulevard. And when these had sadly closed, I managed to ferret out who was keeping the Rockybilt alive. From the small Atomic Cafe on 44th Avenue to the Corner Street Pub and the Mickey Manor, I've followed this delicious little burger for over forty years. Imagine how I must have felt as I anticipated the taste of the secret sauce and the thin patty with onions grilled in.

What we got at the North Woods Inn was a tasteless dogrocket of ground something with a dollop of some ghastly brownish orange stuff on a boring, cold bun. For the North Woods to claim their offering is a Rockybilt is ludicrous. (By the way, the Mickey Manor was about 35 years too late to hold claim to having the original recipe.)

We kept one of these barf burgers and were going to mail it to you, but unfortunately, our dog buried it before we could send it. When he digs it up, we'll forward it along.

Mark Carlton
via the Internet

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