Death as an Amateur Theatrical

Close, of course, can portray such a character to perfection; Cruella de Vil has nothing on Camille. The downside is that Close is almost too effective: Her character is so vile that it's hard, for the middle third of the movie, to watch her triumphantly wreaking havoc on everyone's lives. I was so overwrought at the sight of this horrible creature ruining everyone's lives that I almost wanted to walk out. As it turns out, that would have been a mistake: By its end, Cookie's Fortune revealed itself as, well, a "feel-good" movie. But the extreme awfulness of Close's character can really prove a trial for delicate sensibilities.

Cookie's Fortune.
Directed by Robert Altman. Written by Anne Rapp. With Charles S. Dutton, Liv Tyler, Patricia Neal, Glenn Close, Ned Beatty, Chris O'Donnell and Julianne Moore.

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