Alternative Universe

In Molly Universe, Molly Bowers tries to make every kid feel out of this world.

The music's appeal was confirmed by several recent appearances Bowers made at area elementary schools. "I used to be a substitute teacher, so a few teachers I know invited me, and things have gone really well. I have to water things down a little bit; instead of going in and saying, 'This is a CD for kids with gay and lesbian parents,' I say, 'This is a CD for kids that have alternative families.' But everyone really seemed to like what I was doing. They seemed to relate to me doing something for kids that wasn't just Snow White and Cinderella."

At a May performance at McLain Community High School in Jefferson County, Bowers was able to get a bit more specific, and she was pleased by how receptive the students were to the concept of "Tolerance"--a track that appears in two different versions on Double Daddy. "The teacher was really good about letting the kids talk instead of putting them in a stifled environment. And when I played a couple of songs for them that had explicit gay themes, they thought it was pretty cool. I don't know if it had anything to do with the Columbine shootings or if it just happened to be a school that was friendly to people who might seem weird or who don't fit in. But they seemed really open to the idea that every kid has a right to feel normal."

Right now, Bowers is busy marketing Double Daddy, which is available in a variety of area CD and book stores. (It can also be ordered over the Internet at And while she hasn't given up on making music for grownups, she's enjoying the opportunity to play for the junior set. "I've had a lot of kids between three and nine really dig it," she says. "And when you see them smile and feel good about themselves, there's nothing better.

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