Farewell to the Casino, which closed earlier this month. Another great place to hear music down the chutes.

The Janus Jazz Aspen event in Snowmass isn't filled with artists who can be easily described as jazzy; R&B is the dominant flavor. On Thursday, June 17, Roberta Flack joins Lavay Smith; on Friday, June 18, Ray Charles and Diana Krall fill the bill; on Saturday, June 19, Al Green and Jonny Lang are the key attractions; and on Sunday, June 20, the Isley Brothers shout at Bruce Hornsby--which seems like a good idea to me. Want info? Call 1-970-920-5770.

Local musician Rob Benjamin e-mailed a couple of comments about the May 27 Feedback mention of In Remembrance, a Columbine benefit CD with which he's associated. After providing an easier Web address for ordering the disc (, he offered an explanation for why only one of the tunes on it has even a tangential connection to the "remembrance" theme: "The artists involved...did offer to write new songs specifically geared towards Columbine, but from a marketing perspective, that would take forever to get together and would have had little impact six months after the tragedy." He added that the money raised by sales of the album, which totals in the "hundreds of dollars" thus far, "is sent directly from to the United Way, so this is truly to help the families, not myself or the other artists involved."

If you go to see the following, it won't help me, either. On Thursday, June 17, Lee "Scratch" Perry returns to the Fox Theatre; Fuck watches its language at the 15th Street Tavern, with Dressy Bessy; and Slim Cessna's Auto Club headlines a local band showcase sponsored by KVCU-AM/1190 at the Bluebird Theater (the same format will be repeated the following night). On Friday, June 18, Paul Galaxy and the Galactix rock at Cricket on the Hill. On Saturday, June 19, onetime New York Dolls member Sylvain Sylvain, accompanied by the Streetwalkin' Cheetahs (profiled two weeks ago in these pages), suffers a personality crisis at the 15th Street Tavern; saxophonist/eccentric Eric Bard, who was profiled in these pages a couple of years back ("The Bard of Denver," January 9, 1997), brings his latest show, "Bard Shakes Beer," to the Rebis Gallery, 1930 South Broadway; Marcia Ball bounces at the Arvada Center; Great Big Sea, the Mary Jane Lamond Band and Lindisfarne are part of Festival Internationale at Chautauqua; Sol Gypsy celebrates the arrival of a new CD at Cadillac Ranch; and Anti-Flag waves at the Aztlan Theatre, with Good Riddance and No Motiv. On Sunday, June 20, Cake and Silverchair rock at KTCL's Big Adventure at Fiddler's Green; the Ernies flip the big bird at the Lion's Lair; and the Tom Irwin Band drops by Quixote's. On Tuesday, June 22, the Boredoms liven things up at the Fox. And on Wednesday, June 23, the Hillbilly Hellcats get down at the Rock Bottom Brewery, and Mary Dolan sings at Stella's, a coffee shop that shares its name with my cat. Who doesn't seem to care one way or the other.

--Michael Roberts

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