Finally, Westword's choice of Bubby Brister as the Best Bronco is not merely absurd, it is insulting.

Your readers made the obvious--indeed the only--choice by selecting the NFL's reigning MVP, Terrell Davis. Last year Davis entered the pantheon of elite runners by becoming only the third back in history to rush for more than 2,000 yards in a season. Brister, on the other hand, has been nothing more than a backup to John Elway. By selecting Brister over Davis (or, for that matter, Shannon Sharpe, Bill Romanowski, Ed McCaffrey or any number of other Broncos), it's as if Westword were saying: "Hey, we have a printing press, and we can say anything we feel like, regardless of how stupid or inaccurate it is."

Well, Westword, screw you, too.
Steve Silverman
via the Internet

More Colorado classics: Marilyn Hickey Orchard Family Christian Shopping Center (Beau Monde Bible Marketplace); Sunday-afternoon traffic jams on I-70, weekday rush-hour traffic jams on I-25; lawn-mowing ban, wood-burning ban; three-judge court system executions; plutonium transfer from Rocky Flats to New Mexico by truck; bulldozing Cinderella City; Dealin' Doug commercials; 99 cent MSG wok buffets; PT's topless patron dancing; city spring runoff; ski mountain mud season.

M.A. Eckels

The Never-Ending Song
Loved the two-part "Songs of the Century" series; Michael Roberts is one of my favorite music critics of all time.

But someone who knows better should have caught the typo in the first verse of the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the U.K."--it's "I am an anti-Christ/I am an anarchist."

Nick Kent
via the Internet

Sour Notes
Regarding the June 17 and July 1 Feedbacks, concerning the last attempted revival of the Rocky Mountain Music Association:

It is true that the RMMA is beyond saving. There are two main factors: One, short of going to court, there was no way to hold anyone accountable once things went awry. The mediation services cannot require anyone to come to the table. And two, the organization eschewed the nonprofit community's educational literature, counsel and workshops (often listed in Westword's calendar). Do not get involved with arts organizations that disallow the support network available here. (If interested, Colorado Business Committee for the Arts is a start.)

So I was not surprised by the quick collapse of the recent "revival" (nor was I involved). But it revealed the mindset of the local music "scenesters." They want a tax-exempt organization with this agenda: The musicians meet at a bar and howl for Big Media to play their music and for government support. Who cares? It's a bunch of white, rich, overgrown kids yammering "Gimme, gimme." They act like it's all a beer commercial. That's all they know, poor dears.

It's a shame, because now more than ever, the community really needs programs for musicians working in the schools, giving lessons and keeping gifted kids interested; visiting senior centers, summer camps and hospitals; working to breach the gap in the diverse music scene; working to promote tourism; serving dinner at homeless shelters and raising a house with Habitat for Humanity. Doing the community building in order to grow a music scene into a cultural and economic attraction. (Remember? The goal?)

Anyway, the scenesters are making some overdue changes, but their weird science still prevails: They are putting together--ready?--a panel discussion. And they want the world-champion Broncos to play their music at games. Sheesh.

John Carter

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