Off Limits

Denver's Lambda Report--which aired for ten years--began fighting with LaBarbera two years ago, says Rusty Dodson, one of three Colorado Out Spoken producers. "It used to be that when you did a Web search, you'd find their name before you found our Web page." (A Westword Web search found no active Lambda Report site, but LaBarbera's writings were reprinted on several religious-right sites; Savage speculates that the publication is defunct.) "We attempted to get them to quit using the name, and they weren't willing to do it without a court fight," adds Dodson. "We decided that even though we would probably win the court fight, we didn't want to spend the money and take the time."

While the producers decided on the new name a year ago, it's taken this long to implement the change. "We've been trying to update the look and feel of the show, and certainly, this is going to start a process of improvements," he says. "Adopting the new name basically indicates our stance that we're trying to be outspoken on gay and lesbian issues."

But Colorado Out Spoken is not to be confused with Channel 12's non-gay Friday night public-affairs show, Colorado Inside Out, hosted by the aforementioned Peter Boyles. The yakker would, however, help COS come up with some snappy bumper-sticker ideas.

How about "Focus on the Ramses family," the better to promote condom use and safe sex?

League of their own: It's no wonder the Colorado Rockies have been so lame over the last few years--the team's owners spend more time in the courtroom than they do at the ballpark. Some call these legal troubles a curse; others say they're bad luck; we'll just use the words of one of the offenders and leave it at that: "Without trying to make any excuses for myself," this owner was quoted as saying, "I want to sincerely apologize for how this...has affected my family, friends, business associates, and others who have had faith in me."

Now for the fun part. Pair the current or former team owner with his legal, um, foul. (Answers at the bottom of this column.)

1) Jerry McMorris
2) Oren Benton
3) Charlie Monfort
4) Mickey Monus

A) This onetime owner was forced to sell his stake in the team just before he was convicted of embezzling $350 million from Phar-Mor, the Ohio-based discount drug store chain he founded. He's now doing twenty years in prison.

B) The current chairman, president and CEO of the team, this trucking magnate's piece of the Blake Street Bombers wasn't affected after his company, NationsWay Transport, went bankrupt, leaving thousands of former employees bitter and unemployed.

C) A 23 percent share of the Rockies is still tied up in court two years after this former owner--a uranium trader and investor--filed for personal and professional bankruptcy to the tune of $800 million.

D) Arrested last month in Greeley and charged with driving drunk, police say this current owner and vice chairman had a blood alcohol level of .209, more than twice the legal limit. His next court date is July 27. (The Rockies play the Houston Astros at home that day).

Answers: 1-B, 2-C, 3-D, 4-A.

Off Limits is compiled by Jonathan Shikes.

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