Coming of Age

The last part of the show is given over to an exploration titled "The Personal Is Political," and in many ways this is the weakest of the three sections. But among the standouts is the monumental 1969 fiberglass sculpture "Barfly," by legendary Texas sculptor Luis Jiminez. "Barfly" is a cruel yet humorous depiction of a woman on a bar stool.

It's also a treat to see Rachel Lachowicz's "One Month Late," a lipstick, wax and mixed media installation from 1992 on the subject of pregnancy and abortion. Lachowicz's piece fills a corner with ceiling hung neckties hovering over a pair of high heels.

Also here is a piece by H. Edgar Heap Of Birds. The 1987 pastel "What Makes a Man Self, He No Wah Maun Stun He Dun," is a grid of twelve pieces of paper on which the artist has written words, some in recognizable phrases. This set of pastels by Heap Of Birds is related to "Wheel," a planned sculpture that will be placed on the lawn on the West 14th Avenue Parkway near the entrance to the DAM. "Wheel" will include text narrating the history and future of the Native American population. The text, which will unfortunately be placed directly on the walls of the museum, will be tied to a ceremonial circle accented by simple red porcelain sculptures.

Near the end of the show is the work of the third and last Colorado artist in Post-War, Pre-Millennium, the late Wes Kennedy. "Preamble" of 1990 is a composite photo of Kennedy himself wrapped in a space-age shroud. The ostensible topic is the Challenger space craft disaster, but his real subject, as usual, was his impending death from AIDS, which was only a few years off. Kennedy died in 1993.

Krane has surely made some odd-ball choices for this exhibit, but the show nonetheless provides a great opportunity for us to see some of the many things the DAM doesn't have room to exhibit on its own premises. Well, for the time being, anyway.

Post-War, Pre-Millennium: Selections from the Collection of the Denver Art Museum, through August 21, at the CU Art Galleries in the Sibell-Wolle Fine Arts Building, on the Boulder campus, 303-492-8300.

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