Night & Day

August 12 - 18, 1999

Fair-weather Rockies fans, wither dost thou goest? Not to the ballpark, it seems--Coors Field attendance is dropping like fly balls on our lackluster diamond as the big-batted heroes of old lie down and die, day after day, week after week, ad infinitum, oy vey. Oh, what a difference yet another losing season makes. Well, what the heck--there's bound to be some excitement tonight when your Colorado Rockies meet the formidable Atlanta Braves for the first night of a three-game stand. Balls may fly out of the park, but we're not betting on whose they'll be. First pitch at Coors Field, 20th and Blake streets, is at 7:05 p.m.; call 1-800-388-7625, check any LoDo street corner for a desperate scalper or stride bravely up to the box office for tickets.

August 17
An incredible journey lies at the heart of journalist Leslie Chang's opus, Beyond the Narrow Gate: The Journey of Four Chinese Women From the Middle Kingdom to Middle America, the story of four students at the First Girl's School of Taipei, one of them Chang's mother, who migrate to the United States, each meeting separate challenges along the way. Chang signs the true-life, cross-cultural saga tonight at 7:30 at the Tattered Cover Book Store, 2955 E. 1st Ave.; for details call 303-322-7727.

August 18
Hop on the bus for today's Historic Mountain Parks Tour, a guided voyage sponsored by the Denver Public Library and the Park People, and you'll get more than just a tour--you'll also get a trip into antiquity, courtesy of parks experts Carolyn Etter and Cappy Shopneck. The tour, which leaves the Denver Central Library, 14th and Broadway, at 8:45 a.m. and returns at 3 p.m., will benefit the library's Denver Historic Parks Documents Collection, a trove of parks-related drawings, plans, photographs and other papers dating from 1868 to 1947. The $45 fee includes lunch at the Chief Hosa Lodge; for reservations call 303-640-6192.

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