Red Alert

Red Rocks may or may not be sliding down the hill, but Friends of Red Rocks’ trust in the city is slipping away.

At this point, the Friends of Red Rocks, who handed out informational pamphlets to those attending a Red Rocks show featuring Bonnie Raitt and Jackson Browne last weekend, have not expressed interest in joining Hillyard's little band. Instead, they're planning a public meeting sometime in October to try to publicize their objections to the southern terraces, among other things. "We want to give the people who know and love Red Rocks a chance to look over the plans and voice their opinion to the city," says Rutter. "And we're pretty convinced that they'll feel the same way that we do -- that putting a major new construction piece right in the heart of the amphitheater just so we can get a few more bathrooms and some extra food carts is a bad idea.

"We're not opposed to some changes, but they need to be made with a great deal of careful thought and consideration," he continues. "But the city is trying to make the amphitheater glitzy. And glitz is not what Red Rocks is all about."

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