Off Limits

Bob Enyart finds his New Zealand accomodations rather confining...

The second day may prove to be the most interesting, however, as Davis, who garnered nearly as much TV time as Monica Lewinsky, reveals how he managed his personal and professional lives during the crisis. He might even discuss some of the love letters he received from members of the TV audience. "Yeah," says a sheepish Davis, "there were a few that were suggestive or along those lines. I let my wife take care of those.

"I suppose we will probably include mail correspondence [in the presentation]," he adds. "And the ones who told me I needed a haircut or they didn't like the tie I was wearing that day. But 98 percent were very supportive and complimentary." Davis says that, as the chief spokesman for everything Columbine, he has received upwards of 500 letters, plus too many e-mails and voice mail messages to count.

Later, CNN reporter and anchorwoman Carol Lin -- who appears on CNN NewsStand and CNN Early Edition -- will talk about her coverage of Columbine. Maybe she'll have some fashion tips for Davis.

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