Judge Not, Lest Ye Drink

Great American Beer Festival

Knowing that even the most seasoned tippler can end up one taste over the line, Gatza offers advice to less judicious drinkers coming to this year's event. "I would recommend eating before you come and drinking lots of water between samples. And I would also recommend taking vitamin B before and after the festival. It will boost your body's ability to process the alcohol. And if you drink a little too much, there's an herb called milk thistle seed that's especially good for protecting the liver. It's been shown to regenerate the liver a little bit. It's available in any health food store."

Mark Andresen

Gatza also suggests taking an antihistamine before bedtime to help ward off hangovers. Should that fail, he says, there's always the hair-of-the-dog remedy that works nicely with a hearty post-fest breakfast. And, he says, "One thing that really works for me is a strawberry milkshake. That always makes me feel better." -- Marty Jones

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