Charmin' Billy: Part Two

Women kept falling for William Neal's story. But now, he'll finally take the fall.

"People did that to me. They would throw it, and I'd say, 'I ain't bending over to pick that up unless it's a million dollars.' I'll go up there and watch the guy and find out how he did it, and I'll have my own money to throw, and that's what I did.

"And then when I would throw that money, it's like an investment. I would take a chance. I would throw this money, and a victim would come up, somebody that I could use, manipulate, get more money out of, you see?"

On why Walters had to die: "She got to Rebecca...Candace was not going to let up...She had already found out things that she shouldn't have found out, and she wouldn't let off. And I warned Candace if she kept pressing it, she was going to die, okay? And Candace wouldn't let it go, man. She wanted a piece of my ass."

The survivors: Members of the victims' families describe how William Cody Neal ruined their lives.
Brett Amole
The survivors: Members of the victims' families describe how William Cody Neal ruined their lives.

On his demeanor in tight situations: "If somebody is angry, they don't care. They just hate you so much or want to get a piece of your ass, right, they're going to walk blind. That's why you shouldn't ever make a decision in anger, right, because chances are you're making the wrong one. You've got to be cool, you've got to be calm, you've got to be thoughtful."

On being raped by a sergeant in the Army when he was barely seventeen: "I was exhausted, and he told me I could finally lay down and go to sleep. And I was laying on my stomach, and I woke up to having him on top of me. And that's as far as I want to discuss it."

Neal also admits that he molested a young girl when he was twelve or thirteen and also having an affair with an older, married woman. He notes that Suzanne will be getting therapy "for a long, long time" for what he did to her and complains that opportunity was never given to him.

On whether he hates women: "Not that I am aware of. I mean, it's not in my conscious mind. A psychiatrist might say deep down I hate women."

Do you have a hatred towards men based on what's happened to you? "Oh, I did. My brother will tell you I hated homosexuals...I mean, with a passion."

On what he did to Suzanne: "She did not deserve to have anything happen to her other than she was an innocent...she was the most innocent one that I knew that could tell them: 'This is a warning -- don't fuck with me, all right? Don't open your fat mouth, okay? You better keep yourself quiet or you're going to die, all right?'"

On his state of mind when he murdered Walters: "I felt bitter in a way, but...I didn't use bitterness with that ax in my hand splitting her brain to execute her, right?"

On his relationships with women in general: "Look. I'm not a womanizer. I'm not here to use you sexually. I have feelings and care for you, but if you think I'm using you and just sleeping with everybody else, take yourself and your bad ass out of here. I'm not here just for a piece of ass. I'm here for somebody to love me and love somebody else, one on one."

On sex and rape: "There are no performance problems. It was always exciting for both of us. I was sensitive to them. I wouldn't ask them to do something they didn't like. But because of my experiences sexually, I could take them wherever they wanted to go and bring them back. I mean, I've been very open-minded with sex or I would have been a stinking rapist and raping women, you know, and murdering them like Ted Bundy, so to speak, all through the years.

"I raped a woman...If Suzanne was the only crime I ever did in my life, I would hope you would execute me for it. That's how I feel about rape, okay?

"It was so wrong. But I am not a rapist. I don't believe that I would ever rape another woman after the taste that I got on this issue, all right? It's something that I can never feel like I've washed myself enough, just like them. I know what it felt like for it to happen to me. I felt dirty all my stinking life."

On whether he was sexually stimulated by the murders: "No, no," he says, shaking his head. "That's the most off-the-wall question I could think of. But, I mean, I'm sure it's a good one in your business. First of all, murder and sex to me, I'm totally like, wow, man -- I mean, I never even considered they go together, other than rape, okay...It's not like I had a woody raising the ax up and killing them, all right? Waste another second on that, and you're spinning your wheels.

"I executed them. I wanted them to go as quickly as possible. It was not a sexual turn-on for me to kill somebody. I was not thinking of sex in any way when I murdered Rebecca, Angie or Candace. It had nothing to do with saying, 'Look, bitch, for all you other ones cheating on me in the past..."

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