Charmin' Billy: Part Two

Women kept falling for William Neal's story. But now, he'll finally take the fall.

On his choice of a murder weapon: "It had weight to it...I knew it would be enough to kill.

"It was not a vindictive act to get even, you see what I'm saying? It was not a malicious sexual act. It was to put them out the best way I knew how as quickly and as silently and as fairly as I could.

"In fact, I believe, even though I haven't yet experienced lethal injection, it was a lot more compassionate and fair to kill them like that. Even though it didn't look real pretty, it was instant, okay?" He raises his hands above his head and brings them rapidly down. "Meaning, boom, dead. And if they weren't dead and just throbbing, so to speak, they sure as hell weren't thinking about the pain."

The survivors: Members of the victims' families describe how William Cody Neal ruined their lives.
Brett Amole
The survivors: Members of the victims' families describe how William Cody Neal ruined their lives.

On the manner of his attacks: "I knew where I had to hit them...Where I was going was right dead center in the top of the head at first blow."

Always from the back? "Always from the back. See, I didn't want these people to know what was coming, because they were good people...It was a mercy thing. It was, like, not wanting them to suffer. The paper said I tortured them, okay? I mean, if I wanted to torture them, I could have sat there and, I mean, I could have done all kinds of things."

On reports that he'd killed pet animals: "The only hamster that I ever did kill was when I was older," he says, in response to a nephew's story that he'd bitten the head off a hamster as a teenager. "It was a friend's pet, and I reached in to pet him and it bit me...I didn't like meanness, ever. I'd had enough done to me. To protect myself, I went boom, like that, and killed him," he says, indicating he punched the hamster.

Did you ever abuse any cats or dogs? "Well, hell, yeah." But not the way his brother had reported him going into a barn and "pitchforking" his pet cat "because I felt like it...That was either poor memory or a lie to make me look worse than I was.

"Damn right I pitchforked that cat, all right?...I went in there and was going to pet the cat because I like animals, I always have. I pet them. I went over to pet him, and this cat just tore into me. And my temper when I was young...I grabbed this fork, and I just pitchforked this thing...I mean, it's like they put animals to sleep for biting somebody. I mean, what's the difference? It attacked me, I defended myself, I killed it -- simple as that."

A girlfriend's cat used to "attack" his feet when he was sleeping, he says, and he warned her that if the cat kept it up, "I was going to kill it. I don't never like anybody -- and this is after I got out of the service -- messing with me when I'm sleeping. Wake me up too sudden, you could expect -- I mean, I would consider killing you." Then the cat jumped on him again, so he grabbed his nunchakus and "tracked it down to the kitchen and killed it. And there was blood everywhere, man...I told her to clean it up and went back to sleep.

"I had a dog that bit me one time, and I killed him, too. And then I had a puppy that bit me that I killed." The puppy "was mean. It was just like something was wrong with him."

How did you kill him? "I punched his brain in...just, boom."

On his siblings: "They're jealous. I was [Mom's] favorite...Now they're all stinking lying, what's new? Just like they want the electric chair to just get rid of me finally. Get what I deserve, right?"

More on why Walters had to die: "She did not try to directly blackmail me with money. But she did threaten to go to the authorities and want me and my time -- what I took as physically, sexual time, or relationship time. And my look at it was: Time was money as well as my life. It was something personal. I had already been raped when I was younger and molested...and this is not disrespectful to Candace, but I did not want to give myself physically to her."

Yes, he was angry with her over her demands for the money. "But that's not why she died. I was angry with her because she wanted something out of me I didn't want to give to her, and that was my And then I asked her for some help with some money. She was real kind about it and gave it to me." But then she started "badgering" him about repayment. "It's like, man, if I'm going to be a whore, let me get paid for it."

On why Walters loaned him the money: "Because I let her know that I needed some money for some stuff regarding my little girl as a way to touch her...and also some trouble I was in in Las Vegas regarding borrowing money from somebody."

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