Charmin' Billy: Part Two

Women kept falling for William Neal's story. But now, he'll finally take the fall.

And who was that from? "That was from nobody. It was a scam."

On lying: "You got to remember one thing: Even a good liar makes mistakes and forgets things."

On "mercy killing" Holberton because he'd ruined her financially: "I was trying to spare Rebecca the nightmare that her financial world might be coming to a close...Not that she was totally going to die...just her financial stability, because she worked all her life to have that...She was greedy; she wanted to retire from the phone company." But she had about $40,000 worth of taxes due that August, he says, and "Rebecca was going to wake up to this $100,000 nightmare and never be able to pay it back until she was 65...She was going to be buried. She was going to be a slave. And, you know, I grieve over that."

The survivors: Members of the victims' families describe how William Cody Neal ruined their lives.
Brett Amole
The survivors: Members of the victims' families describe how William Cody Neal ruined their lives.

On urinating on Walters after he killed her: "Yes, I did it, twice...It was, like I said, the ultimate humiliation...I just whipped it out, and it was basically around the shoulders and head. I just urinated on her because, you know, 'Lady, you're gone. My life is gone. Rebecca. Angie...Careful where you dig. Okay?' It was my way of also saying, 'Don't. I've had enough, people. You're backing me into a corner...It was like an Oriental martial arts thing, or an Indian thing. I mean, I hope somebody pisses on me when I'm gone, all right?"

On why he needs to be kept separate from the rest of the inmates: "An inmate was beating on my stinking door. I just photographed him in my head, just like, 'I'll remember you forever. And as soon as I'm out of this door and I'm within striking distance, I'm going to kill you...I've had enough.'

"If I can murder something I love, what am I going to do to some bastard that I don't love or have any respect for? I'm going to tear him up. Then you're going to know what torture is.

"And that's why I have the ultimate respect for Jefferson County. You listened. Thank you. Disrespect me and abuse me, and then you're going to see it's like I'm two people, all right. The good and the bad, and then it gets real ugly."

On who "deserves" to die: "Nobody does. I don't even believe Ted Bundy deserved to die...or even me. But justice is justice. The difference between them and me was that I was judge, jury and executioner all in one, okay?...But I gave fair warning."

On how calm he was during the killings: "I'm more agitated right now than I was then...It was like a normal, relaxed state. I wasn't angry to where I said like, 'Fucking bitch...boom.'"

On feeling remorse: "I felt remorse the whole way. For all three. For everybody."

On knowing what he was doing: "I just totally knew where it was going. I knew, when it came down to it, I would not hesitate. It was just, boom."

On why he didn't use a gun: "I didn't want to put a gun to their head or a shotgun to the back of their head and blow their head off, I mean, because of the neighbors, you know. And then I'd had to kill the next-door neighbor and the painter and...It's like if the neighbor would have come over, I'd have killed the next-door neighbor. I would have just gone ahead and went on a real killing spree. I mean, you guys would have had to pump a bunch of lead in me, all right?"

On Angela Fite's estranged common-law husband and Neal's promise to kill him for her: "Mike Kelly was going to end up killing her. She knew it...They had a very violent relationship. I was going to do it for love: 'Nobody's going to mess with you.'" He says he was going to kill not only Mike, but his brother and father, "and if his mother was around, I'd probably have killed her, too."

On claiming that he was a bounty hunter and a hitman: "It was all just an act, playing a part...Bundy put it in a good way. And not that he was an idol, but there was certain things that he did that were close to me. He said that the more you practice it, you were like an actor, an illusion, that you sold somebody that you were somebody that you weren't.

"That the more he practiced lying or acting the role, the better he got and the more natural he became.

"I don't believe that I believe my own bullshit...That's why I had an argument with mental health...They kept saying, 'Do you hear voices?' No. Nobody told me to do it. I'm just a stinking liar, okay?"

On promising a house for Angela and her two children: "She wanted to live better. She wanted the money." But he warned her: "You talk about the house, I'm going to kill you. You're going to die, period." When Angela betrayed his trust and told others, she had to die.

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