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Although Brooks only got one hit in 22 at-bats, he got plenty of publicity for the foundation. In fact, Time Inc. decided to make the Touch 'em All Foundation one of nine charities to spotlight this year in full-page ads in Time, People, Sports Illustrated and Fortune. "Kids are the last picture of innocence, and that's what charity should be about," Brooks says in the ad. But his three children won't need any charity if they move to Longmont, where the mansion in question comes equipped with 54 fenced-in acres, a pond, a theater and a 1,000-gallon aquarium.

When Time isn't fawning over celebrity charities, it occasionally reports the news. But its interview with Unabomber Ted Kaczynski in the October 18 issue made headlines, mainly because of the nasty things Ted has to say about his brother David, whose suspicions put him in the pokey. The piece, penned by Stephen Dubner, also opens a barred window on Florence's Supermax prison, where Kaczynski's pad is one of eight cells collectively dubbed "Celebrity Row" in honor of the prison's superstar residents, among them terrorist Ramzi Yousef, of World Trade Center fame, and, until recently, Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh. "These people are not what you would think of as criminal types," insists Kaczynski, who gets to hobnob with his neighbors during ninety-minute recreational periods several days a week. "I mean, they don't seem to be very angry people. They're considerate of others. Some of them are quite intelligent."

Art house: No collection is complete without a world-class stadium.
Art house: No collection is complete without a world-class stadium.

McVeigh, now under lock and key in Indiana, even loaned Kaczynski the book Tainting Evidence: Inside the Scandals at the FBI Crime Lab. "I knew from my own experience that they were crooked and incompetent," Kaczynski says of the tome. "But according to this book, they're even worse than what I thought." Less diverting is the TV at his disposal, which neo-Luddite Kaczynski claims not to watch much (too high-tech?), or his gift subscriptions to the Los Angeles Times, the New York Review of Books, the New Yorker and National Geographic.

Kaczynski might have a blast talking to Desmond Derrick, though, should Denver decide to trade the country's least successful mad bomber to the Feds. Civic Center's Unbomber could certainly benefit from the Unabomber's expertise in arming bombs -- and defusing the media.

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