Two Days in the Death of JonBenét

A journal of the media madness sparked by the JonBenét grand jury.

Found art: J.T. Colfax's take on Ramsey fever.
Found art: J.T. Colfax's take on Ramsey fever.

In other news, the situation involving the purchase of AMFM by Clear Channel, which affects a whopping fourteen radio stations in Denver-Boulder, has gotten a teensy bit more clear. On October 8, AMFM execs including Bob Visotcky, the onetime head of the Denver cluster who was recently transferred to Los Angeles, informed employees at Alice, the Peak, KOOL 105, Jammin' Oldies, KIMN and KVOD that the outlets would all be sold because of an obscure FCC regulation preventing a corporation that already owns eight stations in a given market (which Clear Channel does in Denver) from buying more and then cherry-picking the best of the batch. No one is certain what this move will portend (check for some intriguing guesses), but the never-shy Visotcky, reached in L.A., says, "Whoever gets those stations will be truly proud, because they're teed up for an unbelievable year." Fore.

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