Master of His Domain

With 404 Not Found, Todd Bradley creates computer music that's simply eclectrifying.

Bradley, however, wouldn't mind getting more involved with Boulder's lively electronica scene. 404 Not Found has performed live only once due to Bradley's distaste for electronica bands that do little more with a live performance than broadcast pre-recorded material. "When I go see live music, I want to see good musicians who are instrumentalists, doing things that have a sense of humanism, improvisation, some surprise element," he says. "So much of my stuff has been so ridiculously unorthodox, it's been difficult for me to perform with a traditional kind of band. We could do maybe a spoken-word set to improvised electronic music, but generally, our stuff isn't something you're gonna go to for a two-hour show. Maybe we'll do a couple of songs to kind of warm up the crowd at a rave or something."

For now, Bradley's taking a bit of a rest from his recording obsession, happily exhausted from the years spent in production on Eclectronic. Regrettably, though, he says that the band's initial plans to release a Christmas album this year just don't seem to be coming together.

"I wish I could say there was still a good chance for a Christmas album," he laments. "I wrote one Christmas song after Pat Buchanan first threatened that he was going to run for president, in 1992. It was called, 'My Friend, Pat Buchanan.' I think that would work really well on a 404 Not Found Christmas album. Eclectronic was just such a frenzy of work. Right now I'm just kind of taking it easy."

Songs in the keyboards of life: 404 Not Found's Todd Bradley.
David Rehor
Songs in the keyboards of life: 404 Not Found's Todd Bradley.

Ah, well. There's always next year. In the meantime, it's easy to imagine a Bob the Robot rendition of "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" for plenty of yuletide cheer.

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