Remembrance of Scorns Past

Augusta Pierce Tabor Remembrance Society

Touchette says bad blood still flows. She cites Leadville's Mining Hall of Fame, which honors Augusta but not Doe -- despite the fact that Doe developed several mines in the area while, Touchette says, "Augusta never set foot in a mine. I think she should be there. But that's a battle I'm not going to take on, because the people that make those decisions are in Denver, and the majority of people there favor [Augusta]. That's why I don't perform in Denver all that much."

She'll be portraying Baby Doe at this year's meeting of the Augusta Pierce Tabor Remembrance Society, and she's aware that the performance could be a source of conflict for the folks in attendance. "I feel like I'm walking into the lion's den. They might throw apples at me or something." Worse, her arrival at Tabor's second-to-last resting place might be the catalyst for conflict between two otherworldly former enemies: the spirits of Doe and Tabor. "Yes, I'm wondering about that, too," Touchette giggles.

Augusta Pierce Tabor
Augusta Pierce Tabor

Adds King: "There is that grand possibility."

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