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Plans are in the works for a musical retrospective of the People's Republic.

John Reidy thinks most things suck, and he's not about to temper his opinions for the meek who might accidentally happen upon his Web site, delicately titled "Hooligan Web Shite" ( The site is an electronic extension of Reidy's underground zine The Hooligan, which began in Denver in 1993 and celebrated six years of publication on November 10. And though I'm sure he'll find a reason to slag me sometime in the near future, perhaps for some ill-chosen words in this very passage, I can't find a reason to give him the same treatment. Reidy's razor wit and bratty sarcasm make up an often insightful, no-bullshit look at pop culture, whether he's reviewing film (in "The 20 Second Film Review," Reidy reviews films based solely on their commercials or trailers), adopting the pseudonym John Hooligan to spew bile about things that piss him off (a recent rant was titled "Wellington Webb Is a Dick,") or compiling "James Sharp's Trash List" (a regularly updated index of equal-opportunity idiocies). Those who offend his tastes are almost uniformly referred to as "motherfuckers," and he harbors a big ol' hatred for all things commercial, excessive and obvious -- in other words, most TV, music and film. Reidy, though, does give credit where he feels it is due, reviewing records in earnest and supporting similarly indie endeavors such as Radio 1190. Truth is, John Reidy probably doesn't like you, and try as you might to return the sentiment regarding The Hooligan, chances are you'll struggle to suppress a laugh while doing so. Happy Anniversary, motherfucker.

Something gleaned from a PBS special last week: Truly devout Muslims are required to travel far and wide to make a pilgrimage to Mecca just once in their lives as a show of faith and devotion to Allah. Something gleaned from a conversation with Jay Bianchi, manager of Quixote's True Blue: Faithful and devoted fans of the Grateful Dead will no longer have to make a pilgrimage to that club's East Colfax location, as the venue will open in a new spot sometime around the first of the year. The Quixote's folks are looking at buildings in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and will reopen in the same spirit that drives the current incarnation. That is, it'll still be a good place to get sweaty and dready and do that chicken dance. "Where we are now, we're a destination venue. You don't get people who just drop in. The neighborhood we're in, it's not the greatest," Bianchi says. Bianchi is confident that those who pledge true-blue loyalty to the present venue will be pleased with the new digs. "Just like we did last time, we will do it up, and we will do it up right." Right on!

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