Sportswomen Wanted

Denver's fabulous sports babes still struggle to score in the male broadcast world.

That wasn't nearly enough contrition for David Cournoyer, director of public education for the American Indian College Fund. After the October 30 piece, he phoned new Post editor Glenn Guzzo, and when Guzzo's response didn't satisfy him, he flew into action, issuing a November 3 press release demanding an apology from the Post for Carman's column. "This is a perfect example of ignorance," Cournoyer says. "Would they ever call Mayor Webb a pimp? Not in a million years. But they seem to think, well, there's only a couple of Indians around here; no one will notice. But they're wrong -- and I think if Diane Carman has any honor but is unwilling to apologize, she should consider quitting and finding another line of work. Because what she wrote is absolutely offensive to an entire group of people."

Guzzo, whose paper ran six letters about the Carman-Campbell matter on November 8 (including one from Cournoyer), doesn't defend the line in question. "I would not have written it if it had been me," he allows. He also reveals that he and Carman have had "more than one conversation about this, and we'll continue to talk about it," adding, "Personally, I would apologize to anyone who felt offended, because somehow I hadn't been alert enough, sensitive enough, knowledgeable enough to realize that would be the effect." Nevertheless, he feels he should leave the decision of whether to apologize to Carman, who, it turns out, has no interest in doing so.

"I am extremely sensitive to the fact that my words have power beyond what I intend," Carman says, "and my sensitivity has been increased by this experience. But to apologize would suggest that there was some intent on my part to manipulate the public's opinion negatively about Indians, and that was not my intent in any way. This is a dangerous area to get into, because a charge of racism is impossible to defend yourself against. So I just have to fall back on knowing in my heart what was there and what I intended, and I don't feel I should have to apologize for that."

No shoulder pads necessary: Channel 9's Carol Maloney holds the line.
Jonathan Castner
No shoulder pads necessary: Channel 9's Carol Maloney holds the line.

One more thing: On Howard Stern's November 5 program, shock-haired boxing promoter Don King said he's offering $4 billion to purchase all of the stations Clear Channel must divest in order to merge with AMFM. In the extremely unlikely event that that happens, it probably won't be good news for listeners. But for media writers, it'll be proof that there's a God.

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