Love, Jack

Are the McCroskey memos scurrilous screeds or stifled dissent?

Nov. 8. Memo from McCroskey and Holliday to Tonsing: "This is just a note to let you know that your failure to admit the key role we both played in the light-rail victory should be added to the long list of 'Spectacularly Crass Things Bob Tonsing Has Done As Board Member and Chairman'...Also, you probably don't understand that your staff-promoting ugliness here generates inefficiencies overall and breeds contempt for the board." (Bergman: "I won't type due to unfounded allegations.")

Nov. 10. Memo from McCroskey and Holliday to RTD Board on possible award of light-rail bond contracts: "In our opinion this is a political award. Why did Gov. Romer intervene for highway bonds when he opposed it in 1997? Is the reason that his son Chris Romer works at [bond firm] Geo. K. Baum and stands to make a huge amount of money?" (Bergman: "unfounded accusations.")

Nov. 12. Memo to Tonsing on possible conflicts of interest of boardmembers: "Directors [Karen] Benker and [Rick] Garcia were appointed to state jobs by Governor Roy Romer. They have since changed to classified service...In my opinion both Director Benker and Director Garcia are receiving two state checks illegally." (Bergman: "unfounded accusations.")

Shooting from the lip: RTD boardmember Jack McCroskey.
Susan Goldstein
Shooting from the lip: RTD boardmember Jack McCroskey.

Coming on the heels of the departure of Fleming and Sargent, the McCroskey-Holliday lawsuit is another reminder that the transit agency's leadership is still at war with itself, even with a half-billion- dollar rail project on the line. Or, as McCroskey wrote in one of his rejected memos: "Something terribly sad is happening here at RTD. You smell it, you feel it -- and on rare occasions, you even see it."

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