The Hundred Days' War

How hard is it to find 90,000 citizens who want a tax cut? Ask Douglas Bruce.

"I wish I could go out and get 90,000 signatures myself, but it's physically impossible," he says. "If we had 900 people on standby, they could all get one hundred each in a day and they're done. But a lot of people, frankly, are afraid to petition. You try to hand somebody a flier and they act like you're going to rape them. It's sad, but that's why we're in this situation."

Although he expects the measure to pass handily if he gets the necessary signatures, Bruce also predicts that it will be opposed by "the state legislature, the teachers' union and everyone else who lives off taxes. They would fight it if it's $25 or 25 cents. They don't want people to realize that they have the power to control the government."

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