And We Have a Winner!

A reader guesses the date of Dante's final strike.

A few blocks away from Ahnold's project, Il Fornaio keeps things cooking at 1637 Wazee Street. You can also get a taste of this chain's excellent baked goods at the Spicy Pickle Sub Shop, 988 Lincoln Street, which stuffs its fillings into fabulous Il Fornaio bread. And that bread makes a difference, as the aubergine panini ($5.95) and the capicolla sub ($5.50) clearly demonstrated. The aubergine was an excellent vegetarian deal, with grilled eggplant, artichoke hearts, goat cheese and basil-mayo spread layered between two buttery slices of foccacia that were grilled to a lovely golden brown. The regular sub sandwiches are listed by meats, and you can choose from fifteen additional toppings, eleven spreads, nine cheeses and such breads as the hollowed-out Italian we got with the capicolla. Everything is fresh, the sandwiches are well-wrapped to avoid leakage (you can also eat inside the storefront), and the pickles, of course, are spicy. Unlike the bread, they're made on the premises.

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