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It is cold-blooded and sick-minded people like Dan Villalobos who create violence and hatred. Where does it stop? Calling D-Ray's family immature names in his January 20 letter does not make his opinion worthwhile to print. It is people like him who should be eliminated here from earth. D-Ray Lopez is a legend. Remember, D-Ray lives through many of us. We carry nothing but a lot of good and respect for him and his family.

The Tobin family

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Dan Villalobos's view on the article was very uncalled for. I don't understand how someone who did not even know these two loving men could be so judgmental -- not only about the two men, but also the parents and family, of which I am a member. Our family hurts every day knowing that Danny is never going to come back and show us his beautiful smile and friendly ways. Dustin hurts every day knowing that his brother is gone and died for him. If my family had the money and power, justice would be served right! D-Ray was not an animal and didn't deserve to be killed like one -- nor should anyone else be. He wasn't a hardcore gang member -- he was a loving dad who got caught up in life's hard streets. His parents may not have had the power to discipline him, but they had a lot of love for him, and that means more than anything. Mr. Villalobos, before you judge people and the choices they make, get the facts straight. My cousins may not have made the best decisions in life, but they had love. Apparently, Mr. Villalobos did not.

Dione Lopez

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In response to Dan Villalobos:

Fuck you and your bullshit comments. No one cares about your wrong beliefs. Everyone goes through bad times. No one could be as good as you. Obviously, your parents did not do their job, because you are a coldhearted person and have such evil thoughts toward people that you don't even know. My brother gave his life to protect me, and the cops that killed him think they did something good. Good would have been to do what they're trained to do -- which is to stop him, not kill him. Anyone in his right mind knows that it only takes one or maybe two bullets to do just that, not over fifty bullets.

But only God will know and correct the wrongdoing. Now God can only bless you to understand the realities of the real world and pray that you never have to experience the pain of losing a loved one, because you probably couldn't handle it.

Dustin Lopez

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First off, thanks for writing the article about my brothers D-Ray and Dustin Lopez. But, of course, you, like the rest of the media, took the story way overboard. D-Ray was not cremated before church; he was there in his coffin for family and friends to pay their last respects. My brother was a loving, kindhearted person to everyone that he knew. He touched many people's lives, and he will be missed dearly. My little brother is still in custody facing the impossible. The cops not only killed my brother but are now trying to accuse Dusty with all of D-Ray's charges. I never thought money had so much power. Unfortunately, we are not wealthy, so we'll leave it in God's hands.

My parents did all they could do for us growing up. I myself turned out to be what society would call a good citizen. My brothers just made some wrong choices.

Danaia Lopez

via the InternetDead BeatsThis letter is in response to the anonymous letter in the January 20 issue that agreed with Patricia Calhoun's January 6 "Things to Do in Denver When It's Dead." It sounds as if this person is not happy because Denver is not New York. New York is an older city and has its own personality, as does each city in America. New York restaurants, delis and street life are more diverse, as the population is more diverse.

Denver may revolve around sports, but it has culture, too. The 16th Street Mall has some trees and greenery, and the buses make it possible for the elderly to travel the entire length of the street from the bus station to LoDo. I was not living in Denver when the "edgy, raw, cool" hangouts existed. But probably the people now in LoDo, the suburbanites from Aurora, Arvada and Thornton, are spending money in Denver as they hang out. I don't know if you can hear a pin drop on a weeknight; I only recall a Saturday night last summer. I left a function at the Performing Arts Complex and walked along looking at all of the people sitting outside at cafes on 16th Street. They were enjoying themselves, eating and watching people go by. I loved walking among the bustling crowds and feeling this was a really comfortable city.

So, please -- direct your complaints to accomplish the things that really need changing. Rally people to work on what will improve the city. No city is perfect. Celebrate the differences of the two cities and move to New York if Denver does not suit you, though I think New York is a more expensive place to live. While you are here, you can put your efforts toward changing things you don't like, such as the lack of a mass transit system.

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