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Well, we have the greatest celebration for humankind on the eve of January 1...and what do we see in Denver? A police state infected with donned-out SWAT teams, the governor and mayor hiding out in bunkers, and the arrest of partygoers paranoid about consuming alcohol in the streets. What a totally fucked-up state you are, Colorado! The rest of the world lives it up while your police-state government headed by your tyrant governor enforces his brand of law to keep order, when the turning of the millennium is about anything but! Still wallowing in the reptilian mind, I see, devolving into deeper idiocy and banality. How absolutely pathetic you morons are...the whole world passed you by.

Tao Jones


Snow JobRegarding Susan Froyd's "Making Tracks," in the January 13 issue:

I'm a Western State graduate and lifelong Colorado skier. Abbott Fay was truly the most memorable professor I had in college. He wore red ties to class on days when he was giving a pop quiz. In one class (he graded on a curve), we had studied civil disobedience in depth; the night before the final, the class decided "What if?" and we all refused to take the final -- just sat and looked at him. He was taken by surprise but accepted it, and we all got the grade we had going into the test. A freshman class tried this later in the day with no success. His perspective on history and current events always cut to the heart of the matter.

I could say much more, but for now, I will say only this: Mr. Fay, you're wonderful. I'm glad you're still writing, and I wish you well!

Beryl Atchison

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