Off Limits

Wellington Webb's party crasher...

Even if the tigers have developed a taste for expensive parrot-meat entrees, at least they won't be able to get into the fish tanks for dessert. The fish there are having enough problems as it is: Ocean Journey CEO Jim Hekkers told the Denver Post last month that as many as 2,000 fish died in the first few months of the aquarium's existence. And employee complaints (including one about a fish that picked apart a ray bit by bit while a wedding party was posing for pictures in front of the tank) eventually led to a now-concluded investigation by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

This place beats the Discovery Channel any day.

False idols
More exciting than any TV show is the drama set to play out at the State Capitol, where lawmakers will be spending a lot of time thinking about what should and shouldn't be posted on walls. A bill requiring Colorado public schools to post the Ten Commandments in every classroom was passed by the Senate Education Committee last week. Sponsored by Senator John "Call Me Moses" Andrews, the bill would also require schools to begin each day with a moment of silence.

The CityGrille, a favorite hangout of many state legislators, has taken note by uncovering a posting of its own -- one that violates three of the Ten Commandments, tempts a fourth, and could, in some cases, dance at the edge of two others: A framed collage consisting of about a dozen nudie pictures that had been covered by an oversized Rocky Mountain News restaurant review is now back in full view above the urinal in the men's bathroom.

Thank God.

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