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The Denver Record Collectors Spring Expo 2000

 The Denver Record Collectors Spring Expo 2000, Sunday, March 26, might be the only place in town where you're likely to see hip-hop DJs and fans of '50s rock compete for access to the same record bins. The annual event will once again be held at the Holiday Inn Northglenn (I-25 and 120th Avenue), where more than forty dealers will fill a hundred tables with memorabilia, posters, album artwork and, oh yes, more vinyl than you can shake a stylus at. Organizers promise that Sunday's event won't resemble your father's record show -- the non-strategy-minded is as likely to find himself leafing through European dance mixes and punk rock as vintage Elvis recordings. Whether a hardcore collector or simply curious, the Expo should make a fine afternoon for anyone who digs music in non-digital form.
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