Off Limits

The son also rises...

(At least the Boulder County Sheriff's Department has for several years carried the message: "The Boulder County Sheriff's Department is not the agency investigating the Ramsey homicide. That case is being investigated by the City of Boulder Police Department" -- along with a helpful link to the department site and its 72 JonBenét Ramsey updates.)

There's also no mention on of the recall-Stone effort being led by the parents of former Columbine student Brooks Brown, who complained to the sheriff's office about threats made against their son on Eric Harris's Web site more than a year before the Columbine shootings -- complaints that went nowhere after a deputy wrote down the wrong Internet address.

The Recall Sheriff Stone Committee has its own (barely there) Web site,, and its own mission statement: "Let us make it clear that we do not hate John Stone," it reads. "We simply believe that he is not a competent sheriff...Our first priority as Jefferson County residents should be to recall Sheriff Stone and elect an experienced policeman for his job, not another politician. We need to ensure that the brave deputies who serve our families have skilled management and leadership."

The next meeting of the committee is on March 23, according to the hotline number available at the site. Attendees may want to be on the lookout for circling -- and well-identified -- patrol cars.

If you have a tip, call Jonathan Shikes at 303-293-3555, send a fax to 303-296-5416, or e-mail

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