The John and Patsy Show

The Ramseys make the talk-show circuit rounds.

Brooks adds that he's received good reports about KVOD and wants to meet with the management and staff there before reaching any conclusions about its future. But when he's asked if the español-or-not-español decision might be affected by the recent entry into the market of Hispanic Broadcasting, which is set to transform the just-purchased Peak with a Spanish format, Brooks makes it clear that he's not one to shy away from confrontations. "We changed one of our Dallas stations to Spanish last November, and Arbitron extrapolations from January show it's already the number-one station of its kind, over the Hispanic Broadcasting stations and everyone else."

Can you read between those lines? I knew you could.

Meanwhile, Ken Hamblin, who bemoaned the fact that his nationally syndicated radio program couldn't be heard in his hometown when he was profiled in this space ("Man Without a City," November 18, 1999), is back on the Mile High airwaves -- sort of. KLMO, a Longmont station at 1060 AM, began broadcasting Hamblin on March 20; he's on the air from 1-4 p.m. weekdays. But the outlet has just 10,000 watts of power, making it difficult to receive in some metro locations, and virtually no promotion budget. Last year, Hamblin told Westword, "I'd put a thousand dollars on the table betting you that if I was on in Denver right now, I'd get a three-share [rating] in the first [Arbitron] book, and it would build from there -- because this is my town."

Susan Goldstein

I'd like a piece of that action.

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